A Dog’s Journey: Rescued from a Fall, Now a Lifeline to a Veteran – An Uplifting Tale of Connection and Healing

‘Miracle’ miraculously escaped a disastrous plunge from a balcony located on the second floor. Now, after spending several months under the care of foster parents, this brave pooch is all set to begin a fresh chapter in its life by becoming a loyal service dog for a veteran.

Last December, a heart-wrenching video circulated online, capturing the moment a youthful German Shepherd was callously thrown off a balcony in Daytona Beach. However, amidst the grim situation, there is a ray of hope. The resilient canine has found her forever home and is now embarking on a fulfilling journey as a service dog for a courageous war veteran. In the wake of this incident, the court reached a verdict that the dog’s previous owner, Allison Murphy, is unfit to provide proper care and approved the plea for finding her a new loving abode. Being held accountable for her actions, Murphy faces a felony charge and is prohibited from owning any animals for the next half-decade.

In December 2020, authorities in Volusia County responded to a report at a Daytona Beach hotel concerning a distressed woman who was allegedly preparing to jump off the second-floor balcony. However, before the arrival of the sheriffs, a shocking incident occurred. In a moment of desperation, Murphy, as the woman came to be known, shockingly picked up her pet dog and threw her over the balcony. Miraculously, the dog managed to regain her footing and fled the scene. Onlookers quickly came to the rescue, securing the dog and promptly transporting her to a nearby animal hospital for necessary care. Despite sustaining minor injuries, the resilient canine was affectionately given the moniker “Miracle.”

Miracle, a delightful young service dog, has been under the loving care of a foster family since last December. Despite her tender age, she possesses an abundance of love and support to share. Recognizing her potential, Animal Services has successfully matched her with a deserving war veteran who greatly requires an assistance animal. These extraordinary service dogs play a vital role in aiding veterans with physical injuries and limitations. From opening doors and controlling switches to fetching items and alerting for help, they offer invaluable practical assistance. Moreover, they provide emotional solace and comfort to veterans battling with PTSD or other mental health challenges resulting from their selfless service.

Volusia County’s Animal Services Director, Adam Leath, expressed his joy and appreciation to everyone involved in ensuring Miracle’s heartwarming conclusion. Leath happily acknowledged the successful collaboration between his team and law enforcement agencies, emphasizing their joint efforts to step in and shield Miracle from further harm. This dedicated partnership between Animal Services and law enforcement remains a steadfast commitment to assisting all of our beloved animals, be they furry or human.

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