A Feline Friend: Bus Stop Kitten Finds Home with Vet Student and Husky Pal

Once upon a time, a stray kitten was wandering around in search of someone who could help him find some food during the fall season. He eventually spotted a kind-looking person waiting at a bus stop and decided to follow him home. The person, Adam, had no idea that he was about to become a cat owner. This furry little creature was determined to capture his heart and make his way into his home. Let’s find out how this smart kitten succeeded in his mission!
During Adam’s second year of veterinary school in Grenada, he noticed a kitten standing on the sidewalk when he got off the bus one day. The kitten was an orange tabby and was extremely loving and friendly. Needless to say, Adam couldn’t resist the kitten’s charm and fell in love with him.

After spending some time caressing the little feline, he proceeded to head back home. However, upon arrival, he was surprised to find out that the kitten had trailed him all the way home! Adam concluded that the kitten must have been famished after enduring a long trip from the bus stop. Consequently, he offered it some food and water before leaving it to rest. As soon as he retreated indoors, he observed that the orange kitten remained in the same spot where he had left it.

The adorable kitten was brimming with enthusiasm to find a new companion! The little furball stayed close to Adam’s apartment all day, eagerly anticipating their next meeting. As time passed, the furry friend remained loyal and would greet Adam every day. In fact, the cute kitten even perched on Adam’s lap as he studied by the pool. After a few days, Adam decided to bring his new buddy into his home.

As soon as they stepped into the house, Adam knew that the little feline was there to stay. It’s a common belief that cats have a knack for selecting their human companions, and this furball was no exception. The cute kitten had already made up his mind, and he had chosen Adam’s family as his new home.

Unusual Buddies
During his time as a veterinary student, Adam had encountered some rather unpleasant encounters with feline creatures. “I made up my mind that I’d never adopt a cat because they always seemed to bite me at the clinic,” Adam disclosed. However, Mango, a kitten that he later named, was exceptionally endearing and won him over. Prior to meeting Mango, Adam never considered himself as a lover of cats.

Adam explained that he named his new furry friend Mango due to his orange coat and tendency to spend time near the Mango tree. Despite having spent his early months on the streets, Mango was in surprisingly good health. Adam discovered him when he was just over two months old, and he was skinny and malnourished. However, now that he was in a safe and loving home, Mango could sense that he had found his forever home.

Getting Comfortable
Although Mango had already won over Adam’s heart, there was another furry resident in the house who still needed to befriend him: Kodiak, Adam’s husky.
Initially, Kodiak was hesitant about the new addition to the family. “During their first encounter, they both seemed a little confused,” Adam shared with National Kitty. However, as time passed, the two became inseparable best buddies and constantly play together.

Mango and Kodiak’s friendship blossomed into an unbreakable bond once they were given the opportunity to acquaint themselves. This was mainly due to Mango’s winning personality, which captured Kodiak’s heart. They can often be seen scampering around the house, engaging in playful activities or keeping Adam company during his study sessions. Without a doubt, Adam has joined the ranks of cat lovers thanks to these two feline companions.

Occasionally, Adam enjoys strolling with his pets by the seashore. This activity brings joy to both of them, although Mango tends to lose interest earlier than Kodiak. Nevertheless, Mango doesn’t mind spending the remainder of their beach adventure in his carrier while Kodiak indulges in some sand play.

Mango and Kodiak cozy up for some much-deserved rest following a fun-filled day of exploits. Adam is thrilled to have Mango by his side, knowing that his furry friend will never again have to endure the life of a stray at the bus stop. Mango is now living the good life and eagerly anticipates numerous escapades with his new family – dad and furry brother included!

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