A Feline’s Selfless Act: How a Mama Cat Ensured a Safe Haven for Her Trio of Kittens

Be sure to follow Love Meow on Facebook! One feline mama made a selfless decision for her three little ones by stepping into a crate and moving indoors to give them a better life. She knew that she couldn’t provide for them on her own, so she made the brave choice to trust humans and allow them to take care of her babies.

three gray kittens hugs

A rescuer from Montreal who specializes in helping animals stumbled upon a group of community cats that had made their way into the backyard of a woman. While attending to their needs, the rescuer also came across a young and famished pregnant cat. The feline willingly walked into a crate that was set up by the rescuer, as if it knew it was finally going to be safe. According to Celine, the founder of ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal, the cat appeared quite young and her bulging belly suggested that she could give birth at any moment.

rescued stray pregnant cat

When @comrescuemontreal got a call to assist a pregnant cat, Celine jumped at the chance to provide assistance. The kitty was provided with a cozy nursery in a foster home, complete with all the necessary amenities such as blankets and food. Although she was initially apprehensive, she quickly warmed up and craved attention and affection from her caretakers.

stray cat pregnant

Bellatrix is the name we gave to a lovely furball who immediately caught the eye of her foster parent. As soon as she arrived at her new home, she purred and showed her belly for some affection. In no time, she had made herself comfortable and was ready to give birth. Within two hours, Bellatrix delivered three adorable gray kittens, all healthy and happy.

gray newborn kittens

When the babies were all snuggled up with their mother, the foster carer realized that something wasn’t quite right. The kittens weren’t thriving and some were even losing weight. It became clear to her that Bellatrix wasn’t producing any milk.

kitten bottle feeding

The Twitter account @comrescuemontreal shared a heartwarming story about a cat mom named Bellatrix who was doing her best to care for her kittens, but unfortunately, she couldn’t produce milk. Luckily, volunteers were quick to step in and began feeding the kittens with bottles around the clock. Despite not being able to provide milk, Bellatrix still showed her love and dedication by taking care of her babies in every other way possible. She cleaned them, helped them potty, and gave them all the attention they needed to thrive. It’s amazing to see the lengths that motherly instincts will drive even animals to go to ensure the safety and well-being of their offspring.

kittens nursing cat

During the initial days, it was crucial to provide the kittens with constant care and attention. The volunteers took on the responsibility of feeding them every hour using a bottle, so that they could increase their chances of survival. This period was challenging for the fosters, as they had to sacrifice their sleep to ensure the kittens’ well-being.

However, after a few days, Bellatrix’s milk production started to improve. The kittens began nursing on their mother, in addition to receiving supplementary feeding throughout the day. They were able to gain weight rapidly and display higher levels of activity in their surroundings, thanks to abundant nourishment.

gray kittens nursing cat

During the initial fortnight of their existence, the kittens’ mother was unable to provide them with sufficient nourishment. However, all thanks to their foster family, they were able to flourish and thrive. Subsequently, the trio made noteworthy progress over the following weeks, achieving several significant milestones. After successfully weaning them, they were full of energy, constantly chasing each other around the house until exhaustion set in.

grey kittens cuddles

Meet the adorable triplets who may look similar but have unique personalities. Lunard, the smallest of the three, is the curious one who loves to observe and follow people around. Patmol, on the other hand, is the playful one who can turn anything into a toy and craves attention. Meanwhile, Cornedrue is the most laid-back teddy bear at heart who will snuggle up to you during his naps. Each of them brings their own charm to this trio, making them a joy to be around.

grey kittens playful

According to @comrescuemontreal, Bellatrix has decided to retire from being a mom. She’s now dedicating most of her time to doing the things she loves, like snuggling with her people and playing like a kitten. Bellatrix feels content knowing that she won’t have to go through another pregnancy or worry about her food and shelter. She’s constantly purring with happiness, knowing that she’s loved and that her kittens are in good hands.

sleeping gray kittens

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