“A Golden Achievement: Meet the 20-Year-Old Record-Breaking Retriever!”

Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside because we have some delightful news to share with you! A golden retriever has recently hit a milestone of turning 20 years old, making her the oldest known dog of her breed in the world.

In case you’re not aware, Augie, the Golden Retriever, is an extraordinary dog because she has surpassed the average life expectancy of her breed by almost double. She’s a lovely dog. Although Augie celebrated her significant milestone birthday in April, the news of her achievement has only been recently publicized. Augie was taken in for fostering by Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt from Tennessee when she was already 14 years old. They were unsure how long she would live because 14 human years equate to approximately 78 medium breed dog years. So, when Augie finally found her permanent home, she was already considered quite old.

Steve Hetterscheidt mentioned that they began to foster their dog as a “forever foster” because they assumed that nobody would be interested in adopting an older dog that was already a few years past its typical lifespan.

Even though it had been two years since they rescued her, the dog was still going strong. The couple decided to adopt her, and after Jennifer Hetterscheidt retired from her job at the rescue center, they moved from Nevada to Tennessee where they currently reside. The dog recently celebrated her 20th birthday and is doing well despite some minor health issues.

Golden Retrievers usually live for about 10 to 12 years, however, Augie, who was previously adopted with the help of Goldheart Golden Retrievers Rescue in Tennessee, surpassed this average lifespan by almost twice as much. This information was recently shared on the organization’s post page.

The staff shared some cute pictures of Augie and celebrated her special day, mentioning that she has exceeded the average lifespan of golden retrievers at 20 years old. They credited her longevity to her good genetics and her owner Jennifer’s excellent care and relationship with Augie’s veterinarian.

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