A Golden Milestone: 20 Year Old Golden Retriever Sets Record as Oldest of Its Kind

Auggie, a Golden Retriever residing in Oakland, Tennessee with Steve and Jennifer Hetterscheidt, recently celebrated her 20th birthday – an incredible feat that makes her the oldest Golden Retriever ever. Auggie was adopted by the Hetterscheidt family six years ago from The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue, a nonprofit organization that rescues Golden and golden-mixed retrievers who have been neglected or displaced and places them in approved homes. Auggie had been rehomed twice before landing with the Hetterscheidts, but she’s been living her best life since then. Most Golden Retrievers live for 10-12 years, and at the age of 14, it was unlikely that Auggie would find her forever home. However, the Hetterscheidts were willing to give her a chance to live a full life, and she has certainly proved them right.

In Oakland, Tennessee, lives a beloved dog named Auggie, who was affectionately named by her owners Steve and Jennifer Hetterscheidt. Auggie is a Golden Retriever who was adopted six years ago from The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Chester, Maryland that specializes in rescuing Golden Retrievers and Golden-mixed retrievers. The rescue organization has been dedicated to this cause since 1999 and their network of volunteers tirelessly work towards rescuing unwanted, abused, neglected and displaced dogs and placing them in approved homes. Auggie was rehomed twice before she found her forever home with the Hetterscheidt family, through no fault of her own.
Recently, Auggie celebrated a very special milestone – her 20th birthday. This makes her the oldest ever Golden Retriever Dog, which is something to be celebrated! Auggie was born on April 24th, 2000, and at the age of 14, it seemed unlikely that she would find another home to live out her remaining years. Most Golden Retrievers live for 10-12 years, and people tend to adopt younger dogs. However, Auggie had much more life left in her and was still in her senior glory years, which made her an ideal pet for the Hetterscheidt family. Auggie is living her best life and has shown everyone that age is just a number!

According to Jennifer, who spoke on behalf of Auggie’s fans, despite being 20 years old, Auggie is in good health. The adorable furry creature doesn’t face many difficulties moving around, except for some shakiness when she first gets up. Other than that, Auggie enjoys spending time outdoors and goes for daily strolls in the yard.

GoldHeart mentioned on their blog that augie, a golden retriever, has made history as the first of his breed to reach the age of 20. While there have been accounts of other goldens living to be 17, 18, or even 19 years old, augie has set a new record.

According to Jennifer, Auggie consumes a combination of dry and wet food along with supplements to manage the kidney problems she was diagnosed with after being adopted at 14.

Happy Birthday, Auggie! You truly deserve all the festivities and joy on your special day.

GoldHeart’s Facebook page received an influx of fans who came by to greet Auggie on his birthday.

Presently, the post celebrating Auggie’s birthday has attracted more than 13,000 comments and has been shared over 28,000 times.

GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue offers valuable tips to help your furry friends live their best and longest life. Although most Golden Retrievers have a lifespan of 10-12 years, some have been known to live up to 17 years. To ensure your dog’s health and happiness, follow these recommendations:
1. Trust the expertise of your veterinarian who knows your dog and can provide personalized advice for their well-being.
2. Listen to your dog’s silent communication – if they display any negative reactions to food or activities, make changes accordingly.
3. Opt for high-quality dog food to promote better health and mood, which may also prevent costly vet bills.
4. Regularly groom your Golden Retriever to keep them looking their best and prevent potential health issues like ear infections, gum and teeth problems, and skin irritations.
5. Consistently exercise your furry friend to keep their heart and muscles strong.
Thanks to GoldHeart and the Hetterscheidt family for sharing this excellent advice!

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