A heartwarming tale of two feline brothers reunited after one was rescued from a shelter.

On June 26th, an adorable kitten named Unagi was rescued just in time from facing a tragic fate. The Yamaguchi Prefecture animal control center only allows kittens to stay for a week, so when a woman saw a cat who bore a striking resemblance to her own Suzume on a website, she knew that she had to adopt him. She promptly took a day off work and hit the road at 4:30 AM to bring Unagi home before his time ran out. As soon as Unagi met Suzume, they became the best of friends and formed an unbreakable bond. Suzume, who is also a rescue cat, knows firsthand that love and care are all Unagi needs. Check out their Instagram page for more photos of this dynamic duo!

Fortunately, Unagi has now found a sense of belonging and has gained a new companion who bears a striking resemblance to him.

Initially, Unagi was filled with fear and opted to remain inside the carrier.

Similar to Unagi, Suzume was also a kitten that was rescued, which made him well-versed in taking care of his new sibling.

As soon as their eyes met, they acknowledged each other with a casual wave from afar.

After Suzume’s sincere attempts to create a welcoming environment for Unagi, the two eventually developed a sense of ease and familiarity with one another.

Suzume is eagerly looking forward to getting to know Unagi better, and as a result, they are spending a lot of time doing activities together.

Unagi is constantly accompanying Suzume to the point that the concept of “privacy” has become foreign to them.

Unagi has a talent for fitting himself into even the tiniest of spaces.

Taking a bath, snuggling up, and having fun together is a great opportunity for them to strengthen their bond.

Suzume doesn’t find Unagi’s clinginess bothersome, even though it may be excessive at times.

They enjoy spending time together immensely.

These two are inseparable and have a bond that’s like no other – just like true siblings.

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