A Homeless Pooch Pleads for a Loving Family Amidst a Heap of Garbage

A dog, known as Hercules, who had been living at a garbage dump, made desperate attempts to be rescued. According to Amanda Cunefare, a volunteer for Rescuers Without Borders (RWB), every time visitors parked their cars at the dump in Corum, Turkey, Hercules would run towards them. He was quick to recognize the people who came to feed him and would jump onto their car windows as if begging to be taken away. Despite his difficult living conditions, it was evident that Hercules was a friendly dog who loved people.

Hercules wasn’t the sole canine residing in the landfill as the location was home to over 800 other strays who faced immense hardship. The living conditions were extremely challenging as there was no clean water and scarcity of food amongst other issues. Amidst 800 dogs, it was a struggle to acquire resources, and one had to take shelter in heaps of garbage to keep warm. The situation was terrible, and surviving for years in such an environment was unimaginable.

In the past, an individual from Turkey named Gocke Erdogan began providing food and medical attention to stray dogs living in the landfill, also finding new homes for as many as possible. Recently, a non-profit organization called RWB joined forces with Erdogan. Together, they have rescued and relocated 47 dogs from the landfill, with most of them finding new homes in the United States. The team also supports Erdogan in caring for the landfill dogs, as well as those residing in rural Turkish communities.

Regrettably, despite their best efforts, the RWB crew is unable to save and find new homes for every dog they encounter due to limited resources. Thus, they focus on assisting puppies and older dogs, who face greater challenges surviving in the landfill, particularly during the cold winter season.

Hercules was a healthy dog who didn’t fall into the category of puppies or seniors, which made his adoption process a bit challenging. However, the volunteers at the shelter never ignored his basic needs of food, water, and medical care while waiting to find him a loving home. Despite this, Hercules wasn’t willing to give up on his hopes of being rescued. Whenever he saw the rescuers approaching, he would rush towards their cars and accompany them during their rounds with enthusiasm.

According to Cunefare, the dog had an intense desire to go outside, as evident from the look in its eyes.

Although Cunefare had not personally visited the Turkish landfill, rescuers believed she was the ideal candidate to take care of Hercules. She is a volunteer with RWB and resides in Troy Grove, Illinois. Furthermore, she had previously adopted a 10-year-old female named Dudas who had been residing in the dump for at least five years.

According to Cunefare, the dog she adopted, Dudas, is a senior citizen weighing 143 pounds, and she is quite large. Choosing an older dog was important to Cunefare as she believed that they had fought hard to stay alive. After adopting Dudas, Cunefare also took in another dog named King Arthur, who had trouble competing with other dogs at the landfill due to his disability. Later on, she received a call about Hercules.

According to Cunefare, Gocke reached out to their mutual friend and expressed her concern about Hercules’ well-being after his best friend Dudas had left. She was hesitant to ask Cunefare directly but eventually did so. As it happened, Dudas and Hercules were inseparable at the landfill, spending all their time together, and Dudas had taken care of Hercules like a mother would.

Cunefare expressed her sadness upon hearing the news. She mentioned that she would have invited both of them if she knew beforehand. Watching his partner leave must have been a terrible experience for him, and Cunefare empathized with him. She conveyed her willingness to welcome him over.

During the month of May, Hercules was taken to the United States and was brought to Cunefare’s 2-acre land. The reunion of Hercules with Dudas was nothing short of magical as they were able to recognize each other instantly. Cunefare shared that the two dogs had a great time running around and playing.

Ever since their time at the dump, Hercules and Dudas have been the best of friends, always together.

Cunefare’s furry family has expanded since Hercules joined them, and now they have six pups that were rescued from a landfill in Turkey. Their names are Sky, Millie, Aussie Canga, King Arthur, and the two who started it all, Hercules and Dudas.

For 13 years now, I have been rescuing dogs and I must say that the Turkey dogs are quite tough. They are potty trained and much better behaved compared to my three dogs from the US. I cannot tell who feels happier between me and the dogs I have taken in; it’s a close call.

According to Cunefare, the people she helps are extremely appreciative. They express their gratitude by saying things like, “Wow, I have a bed and a blanket! I don’t have to sleep outside anymore!” They also appreciate being fed breakfast every day. Cunefare has never encountered an ungrateful person among those she has helped.

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