“A Mother Dog’s Protective Instinct: Hiding Her Puppies in a Ditch”

On Facebook, a man recently made a declaration of abandoning his dog and her nine puppies. However, the post caught the attention of the community who expressed concern for the welfare of both the puppies and their mother. Nana, the mother dog, had spent three years tied up outside her home in North Carolina and had unfortunately lost her first two litters. Nevertheless, all nine of her third litter survived. Despite this, the owner decided to give away the entire family. Thankfully, neighbors stepped in and took custody of the dogs. After hearing about the situation, the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) contacted Mr. Bones Co. Rescue to help with their care.

Elli Frank, one of the co-founders of Mr. Bones Co, shared that they received distressing photos of Nana and her pups residing in dismal living conditions. Apparently, Nana had moved her little ones to a ditch to shield them from the scorching heat of July. This piece of news saddened the rescuers, and as a result, FFAS came forward to take care of Nana and her babies until they were old enough to move to New York, where Mr. Bones Co. was located. The rescuers paid frequent visits to Nana and her litter of pups to help build their confidence and ensure a smooth transfer process. It was discovered that Nana had given birth twice earlier, but all her babies except one had died, making her a protective mother who had suffered from neglect and loss. Therefore, it was crucial for the rescuers to assure Nana that she and her pups were now safe with them and FFAS.

After getting to know the cute little puppies, it was decided that they deserved names that were inspired by the beloved characters from Peter Pan. And so, we now have an adorable litter consisting of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza, and Jane.

As days went by, the group of puppies grew and thrived. By the middle of September, Nana and her clan were brought to New Jersey through the help of Pilots N Paws. Eventually, Mr. Bones Co. picked them up and headed towards their new home in New York. Despite the long travel, Nana and her pups felt a sense of calm and security upon arriving in their safe haven.

As soon as the rescuers arrived, they wasted no time in taking care of the cute Peter Pan puppies. Each puppy was assigned to a foster home, and Nana was no exception. She finally found a safe haven and felt secure after a long time. Although she was a bit exhausted from the drive to her new foster home, the company of the rescuers comforted her.

Frank explained that due to our regular visits, the mother had grown to trust us. She had entrusted her offspring to us, knowing that we would find loving homes for them. It was evident that she felt a sense of relief and accomplishment, having fulfilled her duty to protect her babies’ future.

Nana and her cute pups are now in the care of loving foster families, and it’s a joy to see them thrive. Nana’s fosters are so fond of her that they’re even contemplating adopting her permanently! Witnessing the little ones grow healthier by the day is truly heartwarming, and everyone who played a role in their rescue is elated. While rescuing this beloved family was no easy feat, it’s immensely satisfying to know that they’re now out of harm’s way and enjoying their new lives.

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