A New Home for the Four-eared, One-eyed Feline Who Was Rescued

Meet the adorable Frankie, who has earned the nickname Frankenkitten due to his distinct looks. This precious feline was born with four ears but had to undergo the removal of one of his eyes. Despite facing some initial difficulties, Frankie has adjusted remarkably well to life with his foster family, who have been a constant source of support for him. If you want to keep up with Frankie’s progress, you can follow his Instagram and Facebook pages. This charming kitty, along with his sibling, was discovered in a suburban home, and he has been winning hearts ever since.

Georgi Anderson, the owner of Frankie, revealed that the adorable cat was born to a wild mother beneath a residential property. When Frankie was discovered, he had only one surviving sibling, but there could have been others who didn’t survive. The kind-hearted homeowners took Frankie and his brother in, spent a few weeks socializing them, and ensuring they were healthy and well-fed before sending them to an animal shelter for medical attention and eventual adoption.

Frankie’s looks are one-of-a-kind thanks to his pronounced overbite, giving his face a sharp, angular appearance. When he arrived at the shelter, he had both eyes intact, but one had ruptured and required removal. On top of that, Frankie experiences joint issues in his hind legs, causing his knees to sit uneasily in their sockets. This results in an unusual gait, with his legs often sliding in and out of place. Photo credit goes to frank_n_kitten.

Frank_n_kitten deserves recognition for the image used.

Georgi has shared that the man’s overbite caused his lower canines to pierce through the roof of his mouth. The man also requires knee surgery to improve joint stability, but it is pricey, so Georgi is working on saving up for it. Furthermore, the man had dental procedures done to trim his lower canines slightly above the gum line. Credits for the photo go to frank_n_kitten.

Frank_n_kitten deserves the credit for this photo. A sad story unfolded when someone brought in an animal to the shelter. It had a pair of eyes, but one of them was ruptured and needed to be removed.

Taking out his eye turned out to be a vital decision for his survival, since the infection had the potential to turn septic and proven fatal. All credits for the photograph to Frank and kitten.

As I was working at the animal shelter, Frankie was brought in and I had the opportunity to become his foster caregiver. Since he had just undergone eye removal surgery, I took him in for a week to help him recover. Photo credit goes to frank_n_kitten.

I had the pleasure of meeting him before his operation and was immediately touched by his warm-heartedness. Taking care of him during his rehabilitation made me realize that he possessed an indescribable uniqueness.

The feline’s physical condition has a notable impact on his daily routine. The cat’s miniature front ears mildly affect his hearing when it comes to direction, as they function like earmuffs to his normal ears. Despite the fact that he has adapted well to having only one eye, his night vision is not as good compared to my other cats. Although his legs cause him to walk in a splay-legged manner, it does not cause him any discomfort, nor does it affect his play or jumping abilities. However, his mouth seems to be the most significant physical factor. He finds it difficult to consume wet food since he cannot get a good grip on it. As a result, he is confined to a dry-food-only diet and has learned to use his tongue to select kibble and bring it into his mouth instead of using his teeth.

Frankie has a typical daily routine of searching for cozy spots to take naps. Whenever I’m making breakfast in the morning, he surprises me by crawling up my leg and quickly running away. Credit for the photo goes to frank_ n_ kitten.

The picture captures a delightful moment shared by two siblings, namely Dao and Lucius Malfoy. The brothers can be seen having a blast while playing together, which is truly heartwarming. It’s a beautiful sight to witness the younger brother, having fun in the presence of his older siblings – Minako and Toothless. A big thanks to frank_n_kitten for capturing such a precious moment.

According to frank_n_kitten’s photo credit, the feline in question has a tendency to snooze more than the average cat. Scratch that – he sleeps more than anyone the photographer knows! When awake, he enjoys teasing the dogs and causing trouble. This mischievous character is certainly one to watch out for.

The feline’s demeanor is quite playful, but it’s charming because he also possesses an amiable disposition. Though his intelligence may not be on par with other cats who have four ears, he makes up for it with his endearing personality. His lack of perception may not make him an ideal outdoor companion as he might mistake a car as a toy to play with. Nevertheless, he is incredibly loving and tender-hearted, and has a remarkable ability to sense when I’m feeling down. To the extent that I would even say, he has a personality akin to a dog’s.

Frankie is a lovely kitty whose photo credit goes to frank_n_kitten. He is a perfect embodiment of the saying that real beauty lies within. His owners are lucky to have him and it seems like they have a wonderful bond. We can tell that they are going to be alright just by looking at the picture.

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