A Tender Letter Accompanies a Puppy Left Behind by a 12-Year-Old Boy

The Xollin Animal Shelter personnel in Michoacan, Mexico, stumbled upon a Pit Bull puppy in an empty cardboard box on February 13. The young pooch was hurt, and a forlorn boy left a stuffed toy and a note with the dog.

Hi there, I’m Andrés – a 12-year-old boy. My furry friend is currently under your care as my mom and I decided to keep him hidden from my dad who wants to sell him. Unfortunately, my dad’s mistreatment towards my dog has caused him physical harm – he even kicked him so hard that his poor tail was hurt. It is my hope that you can offer your assistance in looking after him and making sure he is safe. I left my dog a stuffed animal so he won’t forget me. Thanks for taking care of my best bud.

After hearing Andrés’ heartbreaking story, the shelter staff decided to post it on their Facebook page. The response was overwhelming as hundreds of people left messages of support for the young boy and his puppy. One message stood out in particular, expressing how much they wished Andrés knew that his beloved pet was now safe and how courageous he was to prioritize the puppy’s well-being. The author also expressed their hope for Andrés’ father to change his ways and not use violence as a means of discipline. Overall, the comments were filled with empathy and compassion for Andrés and his situation.

In no time, the shelter received an overwhelming response of over 300 families all across the nation who wanted to adopt the adorable puppy they named Rene. Although it was gratifying, the staff reminded everyone that there are still 120 other dogs in the shelter, each having their own woeful tale, and waiting for their forever homes. In a Facebook post, they urged people to follow Rene’s example and open their hearts and homes to the other dogs as well.

After visiting a veterinarian and receiving treatment for his injured tail and deworming, Rene is now in good health. The heartwarming story of Andrés and Rene has inspired several animal enthusiasts in the area to get involved with the shelter and help protect more animals that are suffering from abuse or neglect in their municipality or neighboring areas. The Xollin staff has made a commitment to carefully select the most suitable family for Rene. Kudos to those who have expressed their interest in joining and helping the shelter.

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