“Abandoned at the Airport: The Heartwarming Story of a Rescued Dog and its New Home”

The recent holiday season proved to be a difficult time for many travelers, particularly those who flew. However, one of the most distressing travel incidents involved a Chihuahua who celebrated its first birthday last week and was abandoned by its owner at Des Moines airport. Although the situation was unfortunate, the good news is that the little pup is now getting the best care possible and will soon start searching for a new forever home. According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Allie, the 1-year-old pooch, was found chained up on December 29th.

As per reports, the individual who owned a dog tried to board the flight without a kennel for their pet. The owner left the dog outside the airport and re-entered alone to catch the flight. The dog, named Allie, was later discovered in front of the airport. The 24-year-old owner, Bigsen Charles, stated to Daily Mail that he had left his beloved pet behind as he had already completed the check-in process and did not want to miss his flight to New Jersey. He believed that the airline would provide his dog with a kennel if he purchased a ticket, but he was not aware that he needed to carry one himself.

Charles mentioned that he didn’t want to give away the puppy as he was confident that someone would eventually take care of her. As per the latest reports, the owner of Allie surrendered her to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa after a warrant was issued. Despite the circumstances, the puppy seems to be happy and content.

According to the CEO of ARL, Tom Colvin, the canine that was found abandoned at the airport is an affectionate and sweet dog. All the airport personnel who came to her aid were greeted with joy and love from her. Fortunately, she didn’t have to endure the extremely cold weather from a few days ago as she wasn’t waiting outside for long. Colvin also mentioned that this adorable dog will soon be up for adoption and start searching for a loving home to call her own.

The Animal Rescue League (ARL) stated that Allie will be available for adoption once she undergoes spaying, gets a microchip, and receives necessary veterinary care. The abandoned puppy incident is currently being investigated as animal abandonment is considered a crime in Iowa with a minimum fine of $105 and a prison term of up to two years. Nonetheless, we are pleased to share that Allie has been adopted by a loving family who met her for the first time at the airport. According to the new family, Allie is adapting well to her new home. It is unfortunate that someone would abandon their dog in such a manner.

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