Abandoned Cat With Heterochromia and Polydactyly Gains Instagram Popularity with Uniqueness

Meet Sansa, a beautiful snowy cat residing in the bustling city of New York. Unfortunately, her previous owners neglected and abandoned her when she was just a mere 1.5 years old. Despite her past, this five-year-old feline is ready to take on the world.

Thankfully, she eventually discovered her forever dwelling and was taken in by Karen, her new owner. With Karen’s help, this furry friend has even become quite the sensation on social media.

Sansa is now quite popular on Instagram, receiving a great deal of love and attention from users.

According to Karen, numerous individuals have shown admiration towards Sansa’s distinctiveness. This is because of her eyes that come in different colors and the extra toes she possesses.

This unique individual was blessed with the rare condition of heterochromia, resulting in two different eye colors – a stunning blue and a mesmerizing green.

In addition, this feline friend of ours possesses polydactyly, a genetic trait causing her to have more than the usual amount of toes. To be specific, she has six digits on her front paws and between four to five digits on her back paws. Keep reading to discover further information about this charming cat!

During a chat with Bored Panda, Karan shared that she and her partner Jack welcomed Sansa into their home in July of 2016. The couple adopted the young pup when she was just a year and a half old from an adoption event located at a Petco store in Manhattan.

Karen shared with Bored Panda that the previous owners of their furry friend left her behind, but the exact cause is unknown. Their beloved companion is currently 5 years old, and they celebrate her possible birthday on December 1, as there are no records to confirm it.

Karen mentioned that Sansa needed a considerable amount of time to acclimate to her new surroundings. Initially, she was quite scared and shy – even the slightest noise would cause her to scurry away and hide in the closet or behind the TV console. It took a few months for her to develop trust in her new family, but eventually, she grew more comfortable around them and began to approach them with ease.

Sansa adores trailing Karen and her spouse around their home. She has a knack for securing her cozy spot on their laps and is an expert in getting her desired attention.

According to her owner Karen, Sansa is a feline with an amiable personality, displaying tender affection towards others.

She is a huge fan of snacks and willingly poses for them. “That’s my trick to capture her photos!”

Karen shared that her pet would deliberately position herself in the hallway, blocking their path to the kitchen when she’s hungry and needs to be fed every evening. The furry friend would lie down with her body fully stretched out and give them an intense gaze towards her empty food bowl.

When it’s time for breakfast in the morning, my feline friend won’t hesitate to remind me with a constant meowing. If I continue to ignore her, she will take matters into her own paws and start knocking objects off my nightstand until I finally wake up.

According to the proprietor, the cat began by putting her paw on his leg. As time went on, she grew increasingly confident and rested her head on his leg. The first time she sat on his lap, he was moved to tears.

Despite making progress, she still gets nervous and startles easily at thunderstorms, sudden loud noises, or dogs barking outside. She tends to retreat to dark corners to hide. Even when we take her to the vet, she becomes completely paralyzed in her carrier, and we can feel her shivering. Nonetheless, she has made great strides despite these challenges!

Sansa has finally found her perfect forever home, where she can be loved and cared for just as she deserves. Karen and Jack, the lucky owners who adopted her, are passionate about spreading the word on adopting cats with special needs or genetic differences, like Sansa, to help increase awareness and encourage more adoptions.

If you’re a fan of Sansa, her Instagram account is definitely worth checking out for more pictures and videos of her.

Why not show off some beautiful pictures of Sanra to your loved ones? Spread the love by sharing these gorgeous snaps with your friends and family! Let’s spread happiness and positivity one picture at a time.

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