Abandoned in Pregnancy: Society’s Rejection of Expecting Mothers

On March 17th, Animal Rescue Of Anton received a call about an abandoned pregnant dog in Coronado that was about to give birth. Despite some people giving her food, many others chased her away, leaving her to hide in a field near a busy highway. This put both the mother and her puppies at risk.

Luckily, a compassionate lady noticed the stray animal and immediately contacted Animal Rescue Of Anton for assistance. The rescue team approached her cautiously, keeping a safe distance to avoid frightening her. Eventually, the animal grew weary and paused, allowing the rescuers to offer some food and lead her into a cage. With patience and gentle persuasion, they succeeded in capturing her without causing any distress.

The doctor let us know that the mother is about to give birth soon. Good news is, an ultrasound was conducted recently and it showed that all her fetuses are healthy and there are approximately 10 of them! But, they’re a little smaller than usual, although that shouldn’t be a problem. The mother’s hip is also a bit off because of a nasty parasite infection. First thing to do is to get rid of any visible parasites and then apply a medicated wash to prevent any further infection. Despite the pain, the mother stayed composed and didn’t act aggressively towards the healthcare team.

She was filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension as the moment she had been anticipating finally arrived. However, her nerves were quickly put to rest as she successfully gave birth to a litter of 11 adorable and healthy puppies. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome these new additions into our lives, born on March 22nd, comprising of 6 boys and 5 girls. Share the news with your loved ones to spread the joy!

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