“Adorable Corgi Surprises Owner with Playful Prank After Snacking on Pitahaya and Taking a Rest”

Gody, the cute corgi, gave his owner a pleasant surprise when he decided to munch on a pitahaya fruit and then lay down with his body covered in its thick, crimson juice. The owner couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the adorable pup lying on the ground. But what made the spectacle even more comical was that Gody had indulged himself fully in the fruit and then rolled over in the remnants, pretending to be dead.
As soon as the pictures hit the internet, they went viral, and many people were worried about whether the puppy was alright or not.

According to the man who shared with Bored Panda, he created this page for his dog Candy some time ago. His intention was to spread joy by sharing all the fun moments of his dogs with everyone on their hectic days. Additionally, Gody’s father mentioned that it was the first time the puppy had tried this particular fruit.

According to him, the adorable puppy is just like any other young dog who enjoys playing in the dirt and taking naps. Additionally, he discovered that the pup has a curious taste for fruits, which he found quite fascinating and snapped some pictures of him indulging in his fruity treats.

Numerous individuals were caught off guard on social media platforms upon encountering the images of Gody prostrate on the floor in slumber. The sight of the puppy napping caused a humorous sensation among viewers, as Gody was evidently a mischievous pup.

Gody is a Vietnamese resident who resides with his family. He has a Facebook profile where over 93k individuals follow his exciting escapades.

The photos of him devouring daon fruit, also known as pitahaya, have gone viral on Facebook, garnering 14,000 likes and over 8,800 shares. His mischievous antics have certainly won over many fans.

Corgis possess an amazing personality, they are exceedingly charming and intelligent, with their fluffy bottoms being their most well-known characteristic. If you’re considering adopting a Corgi, you’ll definitely enjoy their affectionate companionship.

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