Aging Pooch Takes on Surprising Role as Foster Dad to 15 Deserted Ducklings

Fred, a 15-year-old Labrador Retriever, has always had a caring and nurturing personality, even towards animals that other dogs may view as prey. Fred has shown a particular fondness for ducklings and has gained experience in caring for them, especially those who have lost their mothers. This year, Fred has taken on the role of “adopting” his third brood of ducklings after their mother went missing. Although he may not fit the typical image of a bird parent, Fred is fully committed to his role as the caregiver for these little ones. In the absence of their mother, Fred will continue to care for the ducklings until they are capable of surviving on their own.

Meet Fred – The Famous Father Duck
Fred, a resident of Mountfitchet Castle located in Essex, England, is a well-known figure in the area. He shares space with numerous other domesticated animals on the property. Surprisingly, he took an interest in ducklings for the first time in 2018 when he cared for a group of nine orphaned ducks. A year later, he adopted another 14, and his reputation as a caring father grew. Recently, Fred has decided to take on a new challenge.
This year, a duck named Mary welcomed 15 ducklings into the castle’s family. Unfortunately, she disappeared without a trace and staff members are mystified by her sudden disappearance. Despite no signs of predator activity, Mary’s absence is still a mystery. Everyone at the tourist attraction hopes for her safe return as she was an excellent mother to her ducklings.

While waiting, Fred is taking care of the ducklings like they’re his own, just like he did before. He didn’t need anyone to tell him to step up and help. His bond with the ducklings is guaranteed to tug at anyone’s heartstrings! Jeremy Goldsmith, the owner, commented that Fred is like their stay-at-home dad. Even though he’s not as spry as before, he still possesses a nurturing personality that’s awe-inspiring to witness.

Mountfitchet Castle recently shared heartwarming images of Fred, the resident dog, caring for a batch of adorable ducklings. The images show the ducklings snuggled up next to Fred and sometimes even riding on his back. Despite being different species, it seems that the little ducklings are completely unaware of this fact. According to Mountfitchet Castle owner, Goldsmith, Fred enjoys having a role in life and has become an integral part of their animal family over the past 15 years. Spending a lot of time at the castle with the rescued animals has made it second nature for Fred to be around them.

Goldsmith is expecting the ducklings to remain under Fred’s care until they reach maturity or until their natural mother returns. Mountfitchet Castle plans to continue sharing heartwarming content on social media about the elderly dog and his many duckling companions. This touching tale showcases the amazing bond animals can form and their ability to surpass species boundaries to provide comfort and love. It also emphasizes the significance of empathy and compassion towards all living creatures.

Such stories often capture the hearts of people and serve as a reminder of the benevolence and affection that exist in the animal kingdom. They inspire us to appreciate the unique and diverse relationships that can flourish between different species and remind us of the incredible capability for care and affection that animals possess.

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