An Adorable Canine Takes it Upon Himself to Amuse the Travelers on a Dull Air Journey.

For those with a fear of flying, having a furry companion on board can be a helpful distraction from the anxiety. The presence of a cute dog can make the flight time fly by faster. While many people enjoy the excitement of their first flight and the experience of soaring through the clouds, it seems like this wasn’t the case for Huxley the puppy. When he boarded a plane for the first time, he remained unfazed and unimpressed.

The Golden Retriever pup was feeling restless and bored, as he was not fond of sitting still and his mother wasn’t giving him the attention and playtime he craved. Huxley then took matters into his own paws and found a way to liven up the unexciting space. He ventured away from his mother and went towards a human sitting at the front row.

For half an hour, he remained seated in that chair. The passenger sitting beside him complimented him on being a friendly traveler while another person across the aisle even took a selfie with him. It seemed like everyone was smitten by his adorable looks and charming personality.

Meanwhile, Huxley discovered that his mom had brought some snacks which made him perk up. He poked his little nose between the seats, stretched out his tongue as far as it could go, and contorted his face into various silly expressions to grab a few chips. It was simply too cute to resist!

The sight of his hilarious expression brought joy to all the passengers. It’s impossible not to fall for a dog that’s both adorable and tries to lighten the mood on a tedious flight. Huxley’s perception of air travel might have changed after this journey as it didn’t seem as dreadful as he anticipated. Plus, he won’t be like those pesky kids who incessantly kick the back of your seat! Without a doubt, it would’ve been amazing to be present on that plane. We believe that every flight should have a charming dog like Huxley onboard. Way to go, Huxley! ❤️

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