An Adorable Outdoor Kitten’s Journey to a Happy Home and Family

An adorable kitten was overjoyed to be rescued from the harsh streets and welcomed into a loving family. The tiny tabby had been discovered outside as a lone orphan, with only one sibling who tragically didn’t make it. Sadly, there was no sign of their mother cat, leaving the kitten in dire need of help and care.

A little tabby kitten was taken to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County in Fergus Falls, Minnesota when she was just a few days old. According to Jenny, a foster volunteer at the shelter, nobody knows what happened to her mother or any of her littermates. The shelter director fed the kitten with a bottle for a few days before Jenny took over as the foster mother when the tabby was around 10 days old.

Jenny decided to call her kitten Fergie, which was inspired by the location where she was discovered. The little kitty weighed only six ounces, but she had a healthy appetite and exhibited a strong determination to survive. Jenny, who has cared for numerous newborn and neonatal kittens in the past, revealed that Fergie appeared to be in good condition upon arrival, which came as a relief to her.

Although Fergie experienced some digestive problems, she didn’t let that stop her from indulging in her favorite foods and taking her medication like a pro. I kept a close eye on her hydration levels and noticed that her weight gain had started to taper off. Thanks to her resilience and the assistance of antibiotics, Fergie persevered through her health issues.

Fergie has been making remarkable progress over the past few weeks, showing increased levels of activity and curiosity. Jenny, who is providing exceptional care, is determined to see the kitten reach its 8-week milestone with flying colors.
Jenny expressed her concern for Fergie’s well-being, as she always does until the kittens become 8 weeks old. She further added that everything seems to be on track and that Fergie is growing into a healthy and joyful kitten.

Despite being the most ravenous kitten I’ve taken care of lately, Fergie is still small enough to fit in my palm. She’s extremely chatty and meows for affection whenever she’s awake. Fergie is gradually venturing out and getting to know her surroundings. The brave tabby has even made friends with other cats and dogs in the house and loves playing without constraint.

The feline creatures in my household are beginning to take a liking to Fergie and form bonds with her. Gray, for instance, enjoys engaging in a game of “find the kitty” with her and playfully tapping her when she’s cozily tucked under a blanket. Fergie, on the other hand, has a spirited and determined personality, yet at the same time, she exudes an endearing and pleasant demeanor. Upon finishing her bottle, she relishes being embraced against one’s chest while receiving gentle pats just like a baby. These charming details were shared by Jenny with Love Meow.

It’s quite evident that the little one who’s up for adoption will take charge of the house as soon as she gets adopted. I can’t help but adore her, and she already has me under her spell with her tiny paw! Fergie seems to admire Freddie, the resident cat, and looks up to him. Despite being a miniature version of himself, Freddie is kind to the little one and doesn’t mind sharing his royal chair with her.

Fergie’s pint-sized body belies her enormous personality at just five weeks old. Despite her tiny frame, she is a force to be reckoned with. Though Fergie has yet to reach the one pound milestone, her caretakers are optimistic that with some effort and encouragement, she will get there soon.
As for weaning, Fergie is taking her time adjusting to life without her bottle. Like all kittens, she has her own unique way of adapting to new experiences. However, Fergie seems to believe that any time spent in her caretaker’s arms should also include a feeding session.

Jenny expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to foster and care for the adorable kitten, whom she described as a precious treasure. She also mentioned that she will continue to provide love and nurturing until the kitten is ready to be adopted by a new family. This information was reported by Love Meow.

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