“An Unbreakable Bond: A Dog Stays By His Elephant Pal’s Side Until the End”

It’s amazing to see how friendships can form between animals of any species, regardless of their size or color. Unfortunately, some species have a natural hierarchy due to their place in the food chain, which can prevent them from getting along.
Despite this, there are still many instances where animals overcome their differences and form strong bonds, especially if they have faced adversity together. It’s heartening to observe how quickly they can connect once they realize they share a common experience of suffering.

Meet Pancake, the lovable dog who found a new home at an elephant sanctuary three years ago. Pancake was rescued from the streets and brought to BLES by Katherine Connor, the founder and CEO of the sanctuary. Despite being different from the other residents, Pancake adapted well to her new environment and now knows the ins and outs of the sanctuary. She may not be an elephant, but Pancake is loved just the same!

When Boon Band arrived, she formed a connection with an old elephant named Sao Noi who had already passed away two years prior. Boon Thong was by Sao Noi’s side as she took her last breath and gently touched her with her trunk to acknowledge her presence. Although Boon Thong was also ready to leave for the afterlife, she wasn’t alone in her journey.

Pancake became aware of Boon Thong’s health problems and decided to support him during his difficult time. After realizing that Boon Thong needed company, Katherine and Pancake took on the responsibility of being his companions until the end. Despite Boon Thong’s desire to be left alone, they stayed by his side and provided comfort during his final days.

Undoubtedly a noble responsibility, but it was also an exhilarating experience for Boon Band. Pancake and Katherine remained by Boon Thong’s side for a full nine hours on his last day. Pancake, with her kind heart, never left the side of Katherine or Boon Thong during this time. She understood the significance of her assistance. She only spoke to the elephant once again, giving him words of encouragement before twilight. The BLES representatives shared these words on social media.

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