Barking Fun: Alaskan Doggos Embark on a Wild Bus Ride with Mo Mountain Mutts for an Epic Adventure

A family from Alaska who walk dogs has become famous on the internet for sharing a video of their doggy daycare bus.

The owners of Mo Mountains Mutts, who recently spoke to FOX Television Stations, confessed that they never intended to establish a business, but it happened gradually. Mo Thompson had always envisioned owning a mode of transportation for her clients, starting out with a bike and later upgrading to a minivan before eventually acquiring a large van. One day, while driving the van, a tire came off while on the job, causing her to seek a short bus or larger van on her local community page. Fortunately, she was able to obtain a bus that had been abandoned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair, who have a delightful 8-month-old son named Vern, frequently upload videos on social media to give their followers a glimpse of their everyday routines and business affairs in Skagway. Thompson revealed that their success in balancing work and parenting is thanks to their excellent teamwork. Thompson expressed gratitude to her partner for his willingness to collaborate, recognizing that they wouldn’t have achieved this feat without him.

A charming TikTok clip showcases cute critters getting on a bus and taking their seats. The video has exploded in popularity, garnering over 50 million views.

In the video, Thompson warmly welcomes Jake with a cheerful “Good morning”. Then, he proceeds to secure the furry friend with a leash before they both embark on their journey in the puppy bus. The dynamic duo operates this service throughout the year and occasionally even provides pet-sitting services.

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