“Canine Companion Rescues Visually Impaired Man from Subway Track Mishap”

Cecil Williams shares a heartwarming moment with his loyal companion, Orlando, as he recovers in the hospital after an unfortunate accident of falling onto subway tracks from the platform on a Tuesday.


Orlando, the heroic guide dog that saved his blind owner by jumping onto subway tracks after he fell, has found a new loving home for his retirement. His owner, Cecil Williams, who is recovering in hospital with Orlando by his side, was due to receive another working dog in early 2015 to replace the loyal black Lab. However, if possible, Williams would like to have both a working dog and a retired pet. If this is not feasible, the family who raised Orlando as a puppy will be delighted to welcome him back into their home. Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the organization that trained Orlando, is delighted with the outcome and believes the family are grateful that their “little baby has made such a big difference.”


On Tuesday, Williams revealed to The Associated Press that he would be unable to afford Orlando, a retired dog, as Guiding Eyes only covers expenses for working dogs. As a result, Williams intended to find a new home for Orlando. However, after the AP published pictures and an interview of Williams with Orlando in his hospital room, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital has received numerous offers from well-wishers wanting to help financially. Guiding Eyes has kindly offered to handle these inquiries. Williams has yet to decide whether he can care for two dogs but has stated that he would require assistance with the costs of looking after the Lab. Brier noted that Williams is currently in a challenging emotional state.


An organization is creating a fund that will be posted on their website. The money collected will be used for guide dogs other than Williams’ if it turns out that he does not need it. Williams, who is 61 years old, and his guide dog Orlando both survived a train accident without serious injuries. The incident happened when Williams felt faint while heading to a dental appointment. Witnesses reported that Orlando barked urgently and attempted to prevent Williams from falling off the platform. When the train approached, Orlando leaped onto the tracks and licked Williams to encourage him to move.


On Wednesday, Williams mentioned that he is improving but uncertain about his discharge from the hospital. He expressed, “The area where they inserted the staples on my head is still aching. Additionally, there are bruises all over my body,” he added, “They are yet to conduct some tests to determine the reason behind it.”


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