“Canine Genius: This Golden Retriever Uses the Toilet just like a Human When Left Alone”

When it comes to dogs, proper training can make them capable of almost anything. A clever golden retriever has learned how to relieve herself in the toilet when her owners are not available to take her out for a walk. This skill proves that she is one of the most well-trained and housebroken dogs out there, as she never leaves any mess behind. However, the only thing she cannot do is flush the toilet after she’s done.

Numerous pooches have been caught taking drinks from the toilet bowl, but Tokyo is different. She uses it as intended by propping herself up on her front paws. Her owner, Alejandro Rodriguez Corrales, shared that he taught her this trick when she was still a puppy. Although Tokyo belongs to his girlfriend, Alejandro enjoys teaching her new things.

Alejandro, a civil engineer residing in Alajuela, Costa Rica, shared his experience of training his pet dog Tokyo to use the toilet. According to him, he started by supporting her on the toilet and rewarding her with treats when she succeeded. Although the training was quite challenging and time-consuming, Alejandro remained patient throughout the process.

According to him, teaching Tokyo the art of toilet usage was quite a challenge, but he didn’t lose hope. He started with training her to pee there while holding back on pooping as it would have been too cumbersome for her to grasp. After persistent efforts, Tokyo has now mastered the skill of propping herself on her front paws and using the toilet flawlessly.

According to Alejandro, Tokyo is a tidy dog who never leaves a mess in the bathroom, although she hasn’t quite figured out how to flush. It’s amazing how intelligent she is!
Nowadays, pets have become more than just animals that live with us; they provide emotional support, reduce loneliness and stress levels, boost self-esteem and create positive emotions, especially for children. Most people consider their pets to be family members and would never dream of getting rid of them. However, not all human-animal relationships are successful, and when issues arise, adoption should always be considered as a last resort.
Abandonment is sadly a common situation for many animals on the streets, and the reasons behind such situations can vary from lack of attention, economic problems, unwanted litters, parenting issues, new family members, or loss of a home. Unfortunately, some of these animals are lucky enough to find a new loving home, while others are not so fortunate.

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