Canine Penalized for Chewing Owner’s Travel Document

A team of five grandmothers in Weinan, China are working tirelessly to save and protect countless dogs. The sanctuary’s creator, Wang Yanfang, started the shelter six years ago and, along with her colleagues, begins each day at dawn to ensure the animals are fed. The group is responsible for preparing a huge amount of food, around 400 kilograms, every morning to feed their 1300 dogs. Despite the difficulties, these women are devoted to providing a safe and loving environment for the canines they rescue.

Even though they are in their 60s or 70s, these ladies are committed to making sure that the dogs under their care are properly nourished and looked after. Not only do they provide food, but they also attend to the dogs’ grooming requirements and lavish them with affection and care.

While it may seem like a dream come true to work with dogs every day, the reality can be quite difficult. Women in particular have been known to suffer from dog bites, as not all stray dogs are comfortable around people.

Although they have encountered challenges, these women hold steadfast to their important mission alongside their canine partners. They harbor a profound love for their furry friends and have faith that their hard work will yield rewarding outcomes in the grand scheme of things.

The dog shelter is performing a highly significant role by saving dogs that may otherwise be euthanized. The dedicated women who manage the shelter are determined to overcome any obstacles in their quest to preserve these furry friends’ existence.

The locals in the vicinity are lending a helping hand to the women by generously donating to the shelter and demonstrating their encouragement for their cause. The establishment is entirely dependent on contributions, thus heavily relying on the benevolence of the community.

Instead of partaking in the typical New Year’s celebrations, female dog owners dedicated their time to their beloved pups. Yanfang, who spoke with Tencent News, shared how much her dogs mean to her and emphasized that they are like her children. The bond between these owners and their furry companions is so strong that they cannot bear to be separated or risk losing them.

The level of love and commitment demonstrated by these women towards their four-legged friends is extraordinary. They are a true inspiration to us all and could easily be considered heroes for rescuing numerous pups from a lifetime of suffering or possible death. A recent incident involved a mischievous dog named Kimi who caused quite the commotion when she destroyed her owner’s passport only a month before their scheduled family vacation to Wuhan. As a result, the trip had to be canceled, and Kimi quickly found herself in the owner’s bad graces.

Kimi0611, the mischievous pup, got scolded by her owner for her naughty antics. Kimi seemed remorseful for her actions. However, Wuhan had an unexpected event that made the owner grateful for the canceled trip due to Kimi’s passport mishap.

Kimi0611 recently posted about a woman who had her passport destroyed, and shortly after, there was a significant increase in the number of reported cases of coronavirus in Wuhan. This virus has now spread to other countries as well. The woman later thanked her loyal four-legged friend for protecting her during this difficult period.

It’s no secret that coronaviruses are pretty common and can cause symptoms like a runny nose, coughing, and fever. But not all coronaviruses are created equal – some are way more severe and even deadly. Remember the SARS outbreak in 2013? The virus claimed over 700 lives. Sadly, it looks like the new coronavirus currently making its way through Wuhan is cut from the same cloth as SARS. It’s spreading quickly, and experts are worried about its ability to mutate, which could make it even more dangerous.

Kimi0611’s passport destruction turned out to be a serendipitous occurrence. It’s hard to say if it was due to her animal instincts or just her playful disposition, but regardless, the end result remains the same – her unintentional error safeguarded her mother.

Kimi0611’s passport, which was in a damaged condition, ended up resulting in a positive outcome. As a result of this unforeseen incident, Kimi’s owner and family members were able to gather together in a safer environment during the New Year.

At first, Kimi the charming dog might have been embarrassed and uneasy, but we can assure you that she is now happy and at ease after her small mistake.

Kimi0611 decided to take a small gamble, but the outcome was highly beneficial as now her mother is in a comfortable and secure position right by her side.

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