Capturing Heartwarming Moments: A NYC Dog Walker Snaps Daily Group Pics of Four-Legged Friends

In upstate New York, a dog walking business based in Saratoga Springs has found a way to enhance their daily walks with dogs by taking amazing group photos. Saratoga Dog Walkers’ “Mid Day Pack Walk Program” offers popular afternoon walks for about 50 dogs of various breeds, led by Tim Pink and assistant Erin Prevost. The groups are divided based on the size of the dogs.

The initiative capitalizes on the natural inclination of dogs to move around in groups, but Tim is saddened by the fact that most of our furry friends never get the opportunity to do so. “The more we walk together, the bigger our well-mannered dog family becomes in the community!” Tim ensures that he gets to know each pup in the pack before introducing a new member. To assess their level of obedience training, he observes how they interact with other dogs. Tim remembers every dog’s name and unique features, forming a connection with each one of his furry companions.

Typically, our group walks with the pups last for a minimum of 30 minutes, but occasionally can go up to 45 minutes. We always ensure that the dogs are brought back home and cleaned up from any dirt or rain. Our walks happen in all weather conditions, unless it’s excessively bad, in which case the pups will just get a quick potty break.
If you check out Saratoga Dog Walkers on Instagram, you’ll find a plethora of photos from our year-round pack walks. We like to keep things exciting by exploring different areas and taking advantage of great photo opportunities. With a dog-focused account, you can guarantee that there’s never a dull moment- and ours is no exception!

It’s common to see an attention-grabbing dog in the front of some of the best photos, almost as if they’re taking a group selfie. Back in 2011, Tim started this business and now boasts a huge collection of pack pictures. These photos prove that the Pack Walk program has a positive impact on the behavior of the dogs since every one of them was captured effortlessly, without any trouble.

Tim and Erin’s love for their job shines through in their work, which is not lost on the clients of Saratoga Dog Walkers. Even without owning a dog myself, I would readily award the business 5 stars solely based on their incredible photos, as they boast an impressive 5-star rating on Facebook.

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