Cheerful Canine Officer Enjoys Joining Her Father on Duty Every Day

When she’s on the clock, K9 Raider takes her job very seriously. However, when she’s not working, all she wants to do is have a good time. As a narcotics detection police dog, her duty is to ensure that harmful drugs stay out of circulation and also assists her handler in catching criminals.

The police officer from Alpharetta, Georgia, enjoys spending her free time engaging in playful activities with her dad, Phil Ritchey. When she’s not on duty, she loves challenging him to races up the stairs and playing a game of pool. Raider is not just a loyal partner to her dad in his work as a police officer; they are also inseparable at home. They bond over car rides, sharing delicious snacks, and playing hide and seek. One of her favorite activities is heading out to the creek with her lab friend, Cooper, to indulge in some fun-filled playtime.

In addition to playing games, Raider also accompanies her father to work every day. Although her brother Cooper is envious, he does not possess the same sense of smell or training that Raider has acquired. Despite appearing charming and delightful, Raider is a trained professional and takes her job seriously. She has an exceptional sense of smell which enables her to easily detect drugs and illegal substances. As soon as she sniffs out anything suspicious, she signals her father promptly, allowing them to make another successful bust.

The furry police officer deserves a reward for her dedicated service. There are days when Raider is fortunate enough to team up with her co-worker crush, K9 Mattis. It’s not uncommon for some police dogs to have difficulty getting along, but Raider and Mattis are the exception, and they revel in working together. Phil playfully remarks that he had doubts about their partnership because of the rule against intra-departmental romance. However, Raider seems content to disregard this regulation and makes it a point to visit Mattis whenever possible in his patrol vehicle.

Raider is one of a kind and an exceptional officer who has proven herself time and again. Even in the face of challenges, she never fails to offer her unwavering support and affection. She is not just a loyal companion but also an indispensable partner to her dad. With her in his life, everything seems better.

Police K9s are true heroes who risk their lives to ensure their partners’ safety on the job. They deserve our utmost gratitude and respect for their invaluable service in keeping our communities secure. Raider’s dedication enables Phil to apprehend more criminals and contribute to the well-being of their locality.

K9 Raider surely deserves to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Every day, she enters work with a happy wag of her tail. Despite the challenges of her job, her upbeat attitude is infectious and we trust that she brightened up your day. If you enjoyed watching this video, don’t hesitate to share it with your pals.

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