Cheerful Pooch has a Blast Picking out his Playthings at the Pet Shop

Shannon Emery, a resident of Liberty, Missouri, went to buy a new toy for his dog and ended up being surprised by her level of enthusiasm.

Last March 4th, Shannon decided to bring his beloved German shepherd, Mila, to Menards for a fun visit. This wasn’t their first time going shopping together, as Mila thoroughly enjoys the experience and even gets a new toy each time they go out.

According to Shannon, Mila has visited the store a couple of times before and always gets to select a toy during her visit. Mila seems quite familiar with the toy bin and eagerly awaits its arrival, knowing it’s one of the final stops before heading to the cash register. As they approach the bin, Mila begins pulling Shannon towards it.

Emery noted that the toy aisle was one of the last places they visited during their shopping trips, but Mila couldn’t wait to get there. On this particular day, though, the adventurous pup took matters into her own paws. Despite the low supply of toys in the bin, she happily leaped right in and grabbed the one she wanted. Emery explained that while he wasn’t recording the first time Mila jumped in, they were able to capture the moment on camera when they replicated it later.

The cute little dog made a playful jump into the toy bin, but unfortunately, she didn’t get two toys even though she took two leaps. However, it’s certain that she left the store feeling joyful. Shannon shared that Mila picked a yellow squeaky ball to take home with her.

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