Cute Canine Joins Newborn’s First Photoshoot, Resulting in Heartwarming Images

Despite being considered as their child, Tyler, the first biological child of Brandon and Kelly, took the spotlight when he was born in February last year. It was quite funny when their dog insisted on being part of the photo session with their newborn baby.

Kelly described Bentley as a five-year-old goldendoodle who has many distinct qualities such as being goofy, funny, smart, devoted, and affectionate. However, despite his playful nature, he is unable to catch a ball. When Tyler was born, Kelly and her partner were apprehensive about introducing their newborn to Bentley.

As Tyler discovered how to toss food scraps towards his furry friend Bentley, their bond deepened even further. Subsequently, Bentley became a constant companion during Tyler’s nap time and playtime with his folks.

Afterwards, we proceeded with the photo shoot, Kelly expressed her desire to capture the early moments of the newborn through pictures. Although they decided to do it by themselves instead of hiring a professional photographer, Bentley was not made to wait for the exciting photo session.

Kelly reminisced about the time when they were all set to take photographs of Tyler, and as soon as he was seated, Bentley showed up. Ever since Tyler was an infant, Bentley had been his constant companion and got used to being the center of attraction in photo sessions. No matter where they positioned Tyler, Bentley would snuggle next to him or rest his head on him. According to Kelly, their son shares an unbreakable bond with Bentley.

It’s been a year since the photo session and Tyler recently celebrated his first birthday in February. His parents have captured a year’s worth of memories through photos with one special snapshot commemorating his milestone. And who was there to celebrate with him? None other than his loyal furry friend, Bentley!

The mom shared her thoughts on the growing bond between her child and their furry friend, stating that Bentley and Tyler will have many more exciting experiences together. She even remarked that it’s likely Tyler’s first word will be “Bentley.”

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