“Devoted Pooch Helps Disabled Owner Run Successful Shoe Repair Business by Pushing Wheelchair”

It is widely acknowledged that dogs are our loyal and trustworthy buddies, and this statement holds true in almost every scenario. Our cuddly pets have always been acclaimed for their unwavering love and devotion towards their human companions. Therefore, it is no wonder that the cyberspace is brimming with amazing tales and articles showcasing their faithfulness. Among these, the account of a dog in China who pushed the wheelchair of his [disa ôled] owner stands out as truly remarkable.


There’s a heartwarming story of a loyal dog named Big Yellow who assists her disabled owner to reach his shoe repair shop, which is located a mile away from their home in the village of Mago near Luyang, China. Although Big Yellow hasn’t been trained as a service dog, she has been helping her wheelchair-bound human every day. Mr. Ma, the owner, has been working as a street cobbler for over four decades now, but at the age of 59, he became paralyzed in the lower part of his body due to a severe illness he had when he was a child. But that didn’t stop him from going to work. Since he couldn’t afford a real wheelchair, he created one for himself to make it to his shoe stall every day, which is a one-kilometer distance away from his home. Rain or shine, Big Yellow never hesitates to accompany Mr. Ma on his daily commute.




As the man goes about his work, his furry companion seizes the opportunity to catch some Z’s. During his downtime, the pooch enjoys playing with his pal. Although Manao’s income is modest, his neighbors empathize with his financial struggles and sometimes offer him food. Since the dog was never given a proper name, he has become known as the Big Yellow Dog among the locals.


Every person living in the vicinity is well-versed with Mr. Ma and his dedicated oversized canine companion. This big brown dog not only assists Mr. Ma in handling his stall but also serves as a source of warmth for his feet during chilly weather. It’s a common sight for locals to observe the big brown dog putting in extra effort while climbing uphill, striving to propel Mr. Ma forward. This heartening scene plays out every day, leaving a lasting impression on those who witness it.


There was a story about Manao and his beloved dog, Big Yellow. Someone offered to buy the dog for 500 yuan, but Manao refused because he believed that his friend was not for sale. The story went viral on social media in China, with many people criticizing the local government for neglecting the disabled old man. As a response, the government provided three wheelchairs, a new TV, a laundry machine, and other household appliances to Ma. They also promised to give him a monthly allowance that he should have been receiving for over 20 years. In addition, many kind-hearted individuals have donated food and money to help both Manao and his furry companion.

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