Discovering Cambodia’s Secret Jewel: The Enchanted Pyramid Concealed by Tree Roots

Cambodia, a stunning country, is renowned for more than just the breathtaking Angkor Wat complex. It is also home to various enigmatic and ancient destinations that pique the interest of exploration enthusiasts.

Koh Ker stands out as a significant location of the Angkor civilization, featuring a temple that bears a striking resemblance to the pyramids found in Egypt.

Located in the northern region of Cambodia lies the ancient city of Koh Ker, which was once the capital of this kingdom. The area boasts a remarkable complex of temples dating back to the 10th century and was constructed by King Jayavaraman IV during his reign from 928 to 942 AD.

Nestled in a thick jungle, the lesser-known heritage site boasts an exceptional seven-floor pyramid named Prang. Its remarkable architecture still stands tall and proud, making it the most renowned attraction in the area. The magnificent temple, towering at 35 meters, is strategically oriented towards the west, overlooking the city of Angkor. It was constructed in honor of Treypuvanesvara, the deity of joy and contentment.

As you make your way into the temple, be prepared to be wowed by the stunning stone entrance. The sight of the moss-covered ruins of the seven-story building standing tall before you will leave you in awe. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take a climb up the wooden staircase with a railing that has been added for visitors to access the seventh floor. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

Koh Ker boasts a total of 96 temples, which are situated at some distance from each other. Unfortunately, a number of these temples have succumbed to the ravages of time and no longer stand tall. In fact, a few of them are now completely buried underground.

Koh Ker boasts numerous small temples, but only a handful of them are open to tourists. The area is sparsely populated and located in a remote mountainous forest where landmines have yet to be cleared. As a result, only around ten historical sites in this ancient city are accessible, adding an adventurous element to any Koh Ker exploration trip.

One of the advantages of visiting the ancient structures other than Angkor is the absence of long lines of tourists. This means that one can enjoy the beauty and historical significance of the place without having to jostle with other visitors. Unlike Angkor, this place is not as crowded, so taking pictures won’t be a problem. No need to worry about being caught in a crowd.

While Koh Ker may not be a bustling tourist spot, it’s important to note that the best time to visit for a peaceful exploration would be between May and November. This will guarantee a comfortable and serene trip to fully enjoy this destination.

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