“Dude rides the waves with his furry friend amidst flooded roads”


Following a fierce storm, the roads in Fort Lauderdale, Florida were flowing like rivers. With most locals staying indoors, Peter Rosen saw this as an excellent opportunity to teach his dog how to surf. To his surprise, Bo turned out to be a quick learner. Initially, Rosen tried to teach Bo how to surf in the ocean, but the waves in south Florida were too weak to propel the board. After some experimentation, he realized that flooded streets might be the perfect training ground for Bo. He started by manually pulling him through the water until Bo achieved his balance. Eventually, they incorporated an electric bike into their training routine.



Peter thought it was time to make some progress, so he introduced an electric bike to his collection. He had previously been pulling his dog along by hand, but he realized that an upgrade was necessary. As he was testing out the new bike, his neighbor Rachel Frank happened to walk by with her dog. She saw Peter and his dog riding the bike on the flooded sidewalk and was impressed by their enthusiasm. When Rachel returned from her walk, she found Peter and his dog riding the waves up and down the street like pros.


Bo, who was adopted three years ago by Rosen after finding him in the Cayman Islands, is always looking for ways to be closer to his owner. During their vacation, Rosen and his husband stumbled upon Bo, whose original owner couldn’t care for him anymore. The trio went on a hike together and Bo immediately felt at home. Quickly thereafter, Rosen adopted Bo and they have been exploring the world together ever since.


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