Elderly Stray Cat Takes on Role of Loving Protector for Abandoned Kittens

Throughout his existence, Runt had been a stray tabby cat until Emily Blythe came to the rescue and took him under her care. Upon discovery, Runt’s condition was dire; he suffered from malnourishment, had wounds on his face and ears, and a respiratory infection.

Upon his arrival at the Lake County Animal Shelter situated in Tavares, Florida, Runt’s physique was not in the best condition. Additionally, being an older feline, he is roughly 14 years old. The shelter where he was taken is known for not euthanizing animals, thus providing them with a safe haven.

Upon arriving at the shelter, Runt received medical attention until he was nursed back to health and could be relocated to a temporary foster home. Blythe, the foster parent, welcomed Runt into her abode alongside her other furry friends. According to Blythe’s recent interview with Love Meow, Runt appeared to be content in his new surroundings and seamlessly blended in with the older felines. Runt felt so comfortable on his first night that he slept as if he had been living there for years. Blythe realized that Runt belonged with her and that she could not bear to part with him. Finally, after a lifetime of being homeless, Runt had found a place to call his own.

Runt is a laid-back feline who has a friendly relationship with all the other domestic animals living in the house, including the puppies and kittens. On a certain occasion, Blythe introduced a foster kitten to their living space, and Runt immediately took on the responsibility of nurturing the young pet. Initially, Blythe was uncertain if the little kitten would survive, but Runt’s care and attention ensured that it did.

In April of last year, Blythe decided to adopt two kittens who were left without parents – Dolly and Reece. Upon coming home to their new environment, Dolly’s timid and restless demeanor immediately became apparent. However, Runt took it upon themselves to step in and become a parental figure for both kittens. Now, when seeking affection, Dolly runs straight to Runt.

Currently, whenever a stray kitten is brought to their doorstep, Runt takes on the role of a loving and caring father figure. It’s as though his sole purpose in life is to comfort and care for these rescued animals, bringing joy and happiness to their lives.

Blythe’s residence is home to a group of lovable pets including Runt, sassy, pixie, and the ever-adorable petunia. This feline friend made her way into the shelter with injuries to her face but now receives love and affection in abundance.

Back in the day, Petunia underwent a traumatic experience when she was still a young kitten – she got shot in the face. But as of now, she is thriving, adored, and contented. Presently, Blythe often shares snapshots of her beloved animal companions, with the intention of demonstrating to others just how amazing shelter pets can be. Don’t forget to give her Instagram a peek!

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