Endless Devotion: How Five Grandmothers from China Cared for More Than 1,300 Stray Dogs with Pure Love

A team of five elderly women in Weinan, China has dedicated their time and effort to rescue and nurture countless dogs. The sanctuary was founded by Wang Yanfang six years ago, and since then, she and her companions have been waking up early every morning to feed the animals. Caring for more than 1300 dogs is no easy feat – it requires preparing a whopping 400 kilograms of food each day. Nevertheless, these incredible women continue to provide a secure and loving environment for their furry friends.

Even in their later years, these ladies remain committed to making sure that the dogs receive the best possible care. Not content with merely feeding them, they go the extra mile by tending to their grooming needs and showing them affection.

While the idea of working with dogs every day may seem like a dream job, it can actually be quite difficult. Women in particular are at risk of being bitten by dogs, as not all stray dogs are friendly towards people.

Despite encountering some challenges, these ladies remain dedicated to their valuable work with their canine companions. They have a profound love for their furry friends and are confident that their hard work will lead to greater success in the long run.

The dog sanctuary is fulfilling a vital role by saving dogs from being euthanized. The ladies in charge of the sanctuary are determined to overcome any challenges they encounter in order to protect the lives of these adorable dogs.

The ladies at the shelter are receiving help from the locals who are generously donating to the cause and expressing their solidarity for their cause. The center mostly depends on these contributions, so the community’s benevolence plays a significant role in sustaining it.

According to an interview with Tencent News, female dog owners chose to spend New Year’s with their beloved furry family instead of participating in typical holiday celebrations. Yanfang stated that their dogs are equivalent to children and they couldn’t fathom being separated from them or experiencing their loss.

It’s amazing to see the love and care these women have for their furry friends. They are true heroes, rescuing countless dogs from unfortunate circumstances. A recent incident involved a mischievous dog named Kimi who caused quite a commotion by chewing up her owner’s passport, just a month before their family trip to Wuhan. This unfortunate event left the woman with no choice but to cancel their travel plans, and poor Kimi found herself in the doghouse with her owner.

The mischievous pup, Kimi0611, was reprimanded by her owner for her naughty behavior. Kimi seemed remorseful for her actions. However, an unexpected event in Wuhan made the owner grateful that their travel plans were disrupted due to Kimi’s passport mishap.

Kimi0611 recently posted about a lady whose passport suffered damage, and shortly thereafter, the cases of coronavirus in Wuhan surged dramatically. The virus has since spread to many other countries. The owner of the dog involved expressed appreciation for her faithful pet’s protection during these challenging times.

It’s not uncommon to come across coronaviruses which can cause symptoms like fever, coughing, and a runny nose. But let’s face it – not all coronaviruses are made equal. Some are milder in nature while others can be downright fatal, as was the case with SARS that led to the loss of over 700 lives during the 2013 outbreak. The virus that is currently wreaking havoc in Wuhan bears an uncanny resemblance to SARS and is spreading at an alarming rate. Its ability to mutate at a rapid pace is only adding to the cause for worry.

By destroying her passport, Kimi0611 unknowingly ended up saving her mother. Whether it was an animal instinct or just her playful nature that led her to make the decision, the fortunate accident resulted in a positive outcome.

Kimi0611’s passport was accidentally damaged but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The incident led to a safer gathering for Kimi’s owner and loved ones during the New Year’s celebration.

Although Kimi, the charming dog, may have experienced some initial embarrassment and unease, we can assure you that she is now feeling satisfied and at ease after her small mistake.

Kimi0611 decided to take a bold step, and it has paid off in the end as she now has her mother by her side, feeling safe and comfortable.

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