Faithful Canine Refuses to Leave Dying Companion’s Side, Whimpers and Attempts to Revive Pal Following Tragic Car Collision

Heart-wrenching images have surfaced, depicting a loyal canine standing watch over its deceased companion and attempting to rouse it on a bustling street in China.

On April 17, in Zhejiang Province, a brown husky was tragically hit and killed by a car while lying in the middle of the road.

Yesterday, a cream-colored dog was seen frantically pawing and barking at its deceased companion until their owner arrived to collect them. This incident was reported by, a partner of People’s Daily Online, and took place in Nianli village of Quzhou city.

On the road, a motionless husky was watched over by its cream-colored companion for at least half an hour. The cream-colored dog pawed at the husky’s lifeless body in a desperate attempt to revive it.

A touching video shared by Pear Video depicts a grieving dog trying to revive its deceased companion. The heartbroken pooch mourns the loss of its friend on a busy road, with cars zooming past. Despite the presence of a small group of bystanders, none of them can offer any explanation for the tragic accident.

Approximately 30 minutes later, a lady wearing a black gown emerged and addressed the husky by its name.

While she was on duty, a police officer inquired, “Do you happen to be the canine’s owner?” To which she confidently replied, “Yes, they’re mine.”

As the owner called for help, a cream-colored dog trailed behind, faithfully following its deceased companion to the roadside.

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