Fearless Lab Saves Family from Mountain Lion Attack and Rescues Kids

Crystal Michaelis and her kids were having a great time outside in their backyard when their 7-year-old yellow Lab, Ella, suddenly became fixated on something. As it turned out, there was a mountain lion lurking nearby, though Michaelis didn’t see it herself. What she did notice was that Ella seemed oddly preoccupied, constantly looking back and forth between the kids and the location where the mountain lion was hiding. Michaelis saw that Ella kept glancing towards the children with what appeared to be concern, before quickly turning away. Her daughter, who was cautious by nature, grew worried about Ella’s strange behavior.

Upon successfully bringing her children inside, Michaelis discovered the severe injuries sustained by their beloved 7-year-old Lab named Ella. The blood was visible on her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck, and as they made their way back to the patio door, it was evident on the door and terrace as well, leaving Michaelis in a state of disbelief. Although the family was not present during the incident, officials from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources found mountain lion footprints leading to the scene. According to experts, the mountain lion may have been distracted by neighboring goats, causing it to approach too closely to the Michaelis’ home. Sadly, Ella now has over 30 bite marks all over her body, and urgent medical attention is necessary.

Residents in Utah are being cautioned by the DWR to stay vigilant and careful, even if there have been no recent sightings of mountain lions. According to Faith Jolley, a DWR public relations officer, cougars typically track deer as they are their main prey. As deer have been seen passing through the area, it is essential to remain alert.

Ella was bitten almost 30 times, mainly on her upper body, indicating that she bravely fought to protect herself. Fortunately, she is expected to fully recover from her injuries. For more details, check out the video below.

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