Feline Expressions: The Daily Battle with the Snooze Button Resemblance

While we love all cats, only a few are able to reach meme stardom with their amusing and iconic personalities. One of these cats is Zu, who has all the qualities to become a meme sensation. His round physique makes him look like a ball of fur, while his grumpy yet charming face and distinctive markings give off an air of surprise or exhaustion. It’s simply impossible not to love this cat! But that’s not all – Zu shares his home with another adorable feline named Bocco, who is just as cute. The two of them will surely brighten up your day with their plump and unimpressed expressions. You can find out more about them by checking out their Instagram page.

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Chika is an Instagram enthusiast who loves sharing pictures of her two exotic cats, Bocco and Zuu. Her Instagram account features more than 1,930 posts of the feline duo. Bocco, the older of the two, was born on June 26, 2016, while Zuu came into the world on August 21, 2017. During the day, while Chika is at work, the cats tend to sleep.
Bocco, an exotic shorthair, can be timid around strangers but enjoys following Chika around the house and getting massages from her. Bocco was also fond of Chika’s previous pets, hedgehogs. On the other hand, Zuu, an exotic longhair, is more outgoing and not scared of dogs he meets in the park.
Chika was inspired to create an Instagram account for her cats after sharing photos of her hedgehogs on the platform. She finds it fulfilling to share images of her beloved pets with her followers, who leave positive comments and bring joy to her day.

The attribution for the picture goes to pechanko_bocco.

Chika shared that taking care of her flat-faced feline pals, Zuu and Bocco, requires daily upkeep, such as wiping away their brown tear stains. Their breed is prone to producing tears that need regular cleaning. Chika also mentioned that her fur babies are quite lazy and reluctant to eat on their own, so she feeds them by hand. Even when food is left out for them, they wait for her to come back and provide sustenance. To ensure their overall health, they are fed human-grade, grain-free cat food along with supplements. In a humorous manner, Chika quipped that Zuu’s athletic skills are not the best, considering he hasn’t made it to the top of their cat tower.

Pechanko_bocco is the rightful owner of the photographs.

If you’re a cat enthusiast, you might have already stumbled upon the trending cat breeds like Bocco and Zuu on social media. However, there are still a few other breeds that you might not be familiar with, namely the exotic shorthair and Longhair. Don’t fret! We have some valuable information to help you get started.

The exotic shorthair breed was first introduced in 1967 by breeding Persian and British shorthair cats. According to the Tropiano cat guide, this new breed inherited traits from both of its ancestors. They have a laid-back attitude like Persians, but also easier coat maintenance and higher energy levels like their shorthaired cousins. If you’re looking for a playful pet for your family with kids, the exotic shorthair would be an excellent choice as they are energetic and love to play, yet don’t require constant attention.

The credit for the image goes to peachanko_bocco.

Longhaired cats that are exotic in nature are known to be friendly and playful. They love interacting with toys and cuddling with their owners. However, maintaining their long and luxurious coats can be a bit of a challenge. Brushing them on a daily basis is crucial to keep their fur looking fantastic.

Pechanko Bocco graciously supplied the aforementioned picture.

If you’re considering adopting an exotic shorthair cat, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. These cats have a tendency to put on weight, so closely monitoring their diet to avoid overfeeding is crucial. Although their cute “puss in Boots” appearance is adorable, excessive weight can lead to health problems. Additionally, it’s important to note that exotic shorthairs develop strong bonds with their human companions and may become anxious when left alone for extended periods of time. Would you be able to leave your furry friend alone for long stretches without feeling guilty?

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