“Feline Fashionista: Stray Cat with Lost Ears Finds New Home and Crocheted Ear Accessories”

Once just a stray cat, Lady in a Fur Coat, or simply Lady, was taken in by The Dane County Humane Society after they discovered that the kitten was struggling with a number of health issues. Although she was given the care she needed, her chronic infections and hematomas were so severe that she sadly had to undergo surgery and have her ear flaps removed.
But fortunately, one of the staff members at The Dane County Humane Society had a creative solution to help Lady feel more comfortable with her new look. Using some yarn, the staff member crocheted a special bonnet designed to look like cat ears, which she then gave to Lady as a gift. With her new pair of ears, Lady looked absolutely adorable, and she quickly grew to love her unique accessory.

Lady’s story was posted on Facebook by the organization in hopes of finding her a permanent home. The post quickly went viral and people on the internet fell in love with her. Surprisingly, within 24 hours of sharing her story, Lady was adopted by a kind-hearted person. After staying at the organization for several weeks, Lady received excellent care from the staff and eventually found a new home where she will be loved and taken care of. Although she lost her ears, Lady can still hear clearly and is a happy and affectionate cat that enjoys giving head bumps and cuddles to anyone she meets.

Check out the fresh set of ears that Lady is rocking in the picture below, and make sure to give some love to the Dane County Humane Society on Facebook – they’re doing great things. And if you’re as smitten with Lady as we are, spread the word by sharing this post far and wide!

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