Feline Friends: A Heartfelt Story of Two Rescued Kittens Bonding over their Shared Past as Car Lot Strays

The feline was ecstatic to hang out with a recently welcomed kitten found at the automobile showroom. It’s simply impossible to resist the charm and loveliness of these adorable creatures!

calico kitten friends

About a month ago, Erica Whitsell, who is both a kitten rescue advocate and a veterinary technician, received an urgent call for help. The call was about a little kitten that was found all alone in a car dealership without its mother. The people who found the kitten waited and observed the situation, hoping that the mother would return, but it didn’t happen. Upon hearing about the kitten’s predicament, Erica sprang into action and decided to take care of the kitten herself. She praised the finders for making the right decision by seeking help and immediately got to work in caring for the little feline.

orphan kitten sleeping

While exploring a car lot, Erica Whitsell was pleasantly surprised to find an adorable little kitten whom she named Parker. However, upon closer inspection, she realized that Parker was severely malnourished and much smaller than a typical newborn kitten. Despite her initial hesitation, Erica decided to take care of Parker and provided her with a cozy bed and regular feedings every few hours. It was clear that the helpless little feline had not been properly nourished for quite some time and needed immediate attention to thrive.

sweet tiny kitten

Erica Whitsell is experiencing a sense of relief now that her adorable baby, Parker, has mastered the art of latching onto the bottle and consuming formula milk. Parker’s enthusiasm for drinking the nourishing liquid has left Erica optimistic about his chances of making up for the meals he previously missed.

kitten snuggly blankets

When Parker opened her eyes, she found herself in a place she had never seen before. The novelty of it all was quite exciting for her. Suddenly, Phoebe, the calico cat who lived there, perked up at the sound of a new kitten. Although Parker hadn’t properly met Phoebe yet, the curious feline was already keeping a close eye on her from outside the enclosure. It was clear that Phoebe had taken an immediate interest in the newest member of the household and was ready to show her some tender loving care.

kitten meets cat

Erica Whitsell stated that Phoebe would spend extended periods of time watching Parker from outside her pen, observing her closely as she began to crawl and become more mobile. Phoebe was enchanted by her small companion and eagerly awaited the moment when Parker would be large enough to play outside her enclosure.

calico kitten friends

Erica Whitsell reported that Parker made remarkable progress during his stay in foster care for two weeks. He became livelier and actively participated in playing with his new friend without any hesitation or shyness. This positive behavior change delighted Phoebe, who finally met Parker in person for the first time.

calico split face kitten

Erica Whitsell shared with Love Meow that Phoebe immediately showed kindness and love towards Parker when they first met. According to Erica, Phoebe has been teaching Parker how to behave like a normal kitten since he grew up without any cat siblings and only had human companionship. This involves learning how to play nicely and interpreting the body language of other cats.

cat kitten friends

Parker has found the ideal mentor in Phoebe, a feline friend who is not only teaching her some remarkable cat skills but also keeping Parker engaged with fun playtime activities. Phoebe’s guidance and support have even led Parker to become an expert in using the litter box. It’s evident that Phoebe has developed a soft spot for the adorable little kitten, as she continues to encourage her to learn and enjoy new experiences.

calico cat split face kitten

With the help of her foster mom and constant support from Phoebe, Parker has accomplished many impressive things. While they enjoy exciting activities, they also take moments to cuddle up and fall asleep in comfort.

cat hugs kitten

Currently, Erica is observing as her cat Phoebe imparts a valuable lesson to her energetic kitten about the importance of boundaries. Despite Parker’s lively demeanor, Erica maintains a composed demeanor as she instructs Parker on proper feline social behavior.

kitten wrestles calico cat

happy sleepy kitten friends

Hey, how about we spread the word about Parker and Phoebe, as well as other foster animals that Erica cares for on her page? Sharing this amazing story could help these adorable creatures find their forever homes. Let’s lend a hand!

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