Feline Mama Trusts and Surrenders Her Kittens to Loving Owners, Preparing Them for a Life of Luxury as House Cats

Show Love Meow some love by following their Facebook page. A feline was discovered residing beneath a porch and decided to entrust her kittens to her chosen caregivers. She is now eager to become a pampered pet inside a home.

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Sisters Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, who founded Salty Animal Rescue, received a distressing message about a cat that had been abandoned by its owner and was living under a porch. The cat, which was pregnant, had given birth to three kittens and was struggling to find food for her family. Thankfully, a kind neighbor had been providing them with food but realized the location was not safe for them. The sisters quickly rescued the feline family and provided them with the care they needed.

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At Nessie’s Salty Animal Rescue, a kind neighbor stepped up to help rescue a mother and her three babies who were hiding underneath a porch. They were safely placed in a carrier and transported to the shelter. The rescue group quickly found them a temporary home for the night and a long-term foster care arrangement.

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At Gryphon@saltyanimalrescue, there was a family of four, including a cat mom, who initially arrived feeling scared and anxious. They sought refuge inside a makeshift nursery and stayed huddled together. However, as they settled in and received good food, the cat mom, named Nessie, began to feel more comfortable. She gradually came out of her shell, exploring the room, and inspecting every corner to ensure safety for her family.

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On her initial evening at the foster care of @saltyanimalrescue, the furry feline wasted no time in approaching her caretakers and seeking their affection. She nudged their hands for head scratches, exuding a sense of gratitude for finally being inside a house. Her purr motor kept on running, showing just how content she was in her new surroundings.

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Nessie is overjoyed to have found a new home at saltyanimalrescue. The rescue organization has described Nessie as an exceptionally kind and relaxed cat who’s grateful for her new home. Over time, Nessie started spending more time with people instead of her kittens, and after spending a few days in foster care, she’s now ready to retire from motherhood entirely.

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According to @saltyanimalrescue, the female cat was able to take a break from motherhood and will never have to bear offspring again. She also appears to be compatible with other felines, making her an ideal pet. As for her kittens – Yeti, Gryphon, and Siren – they are a little timid but have been receiving lots of love and attention to help them become braver.

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Salty Animal Rescue’s Siren, Yeti, and Gryphon have been gradually adjusting to socialization with humans. Although they still hiss a little, they’re learning that hisses can result in more affection. The three animals prefer peaceful surroundings where they feel secure. They’re slowly starting to become more comfortable with snuggling up to people.

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The adorable pets at Salty Animal Rescue, Gryphon and Yeti, are discovering the joys of head and chin rubs. These simple gestures help soothe them and bring joy to their furry faces. While Gryphon and Yeti are inseparable like two peas in a pod, Siren joins them during nap time, taking solace in the company of her beloved brothers.

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At Salty Animal Rescue, we have three adorable kittens named Yeti, Gryphon, and Siren who are still working on building their self-confidence. But Nessie, another feline in our care, is embracing her indoor life and enjoying every moment with her beloved humans. Nessie has entrusted the volunteers to take care of her trio, so she can relish being a carefree cat once again.

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The furry friend from @saltyanimalrescue is a clingy companion who enjoys sticking close to her people and cuddling up with them. She has a knack for finding cozy spots to relax in, but never turns down a chance to be petted and loved on by her foster mom.

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Nessie is absolutely enjoying her fresh start at saltyanimalrescue. Despite the tough times of wandering the streets and giving birth to a litter of kittens beneath a porch, she is now eager to become a pampered indoor cat and experience unconditional love from her new family.

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