Feline Stuffed Toy Baby Adopts Rescuer as Lifelong Companion

One day, a resident of Hawaii was surprised when he saw his cat with another tiny creature in his backyard. Upon closer inspection, he realized that his cat had brought home a newborn kitten. Concerned about the survival of the little one, the man took immediate action to provide assistance. Discover how this helpless kitten was able to get a new lease on life!

In need of assistance
A gentleman was taken aback to discover a fresh-born kitten alongside his feline companion. The tiny animal was so youthful that it still had its umbilical cord attached. Without hesitation, the man brought the kitten inside to ensure it remained secure and comfortable.

When the man came across a kitten in need of rescue, he knew it would require an expert to save it. That’s when he contacted Shaynne Franklin Gray, who was more than capable of taking on the task. Without hesitation, Shaynne stepped up to care for the kitten and they quickly made arrangements to meet up. With no time to waste, Shaynne rushed to the other side of the island to retrieve the tiny feline. Upon arrival, Shaynne discovered that the kitten was malnourished and dehydrated, weighing only 52 ounces. Despite the odds, Shaynne remained optimistic and dedicated to nursing the little one back to health.

Right away, the kitten received a bottle and subcutaneous fluids from Shaynne. She and her friend worked tirelessly to stabilize its condition. Shaynne devoted herself to round the clock bottle feedings and was resolute on ensuring the kitten’s survival!

Hey, guess what? It turns out that Shaynne’s cute little kitten was a girl all along! She was unsure for a while, but the mystery was finally solved when the kitten had to go to the vet for some digestive issues. The vet confirmed that she’s definitely a girl.

Shaynne had been affectionately referring to the cute little kitten as her “precious nugget.” However, when she found out that the kitten was a female, she felt it was time to give her a more fitting name. After some thought, Shaynne decided to name the kitten Alãmea, which is a Hawaiian word for precious.

Unsuccessful Foster
Thanks to Shaynne’s assistance, Alãmea made remarkable progress in terms of her physical and mental strength. Gradually, she opened her eyes and took her first steps in the playpen, indicating a marked improvement in her overall health. As days passed, Alãmea’s unique character traits began to surface. However, after some time, Shaynne had to start thinking about the future of this little one.

Shaynne was deeply saddened by the prospect of Alãmea departing from her life. She admitted that after only 10 days, she knew that she couldn’t bear to be without her feline companion and decided to keep her with her always. Shaynne had relocated from California to Hawaii with two senior cats, but unfortunately, they passed away that same year at the ages of 20 and 18. Although Alãmea could never replace them, her presence brought much-needed joy to Shaynne’s family.

Overflowing with Appreciation
Shaynne is grateful for the vital role played by Catopia Hawaii, a Facebook group, in her cat rescue and fostering activities in Hawaii. Besides providing her with essential knowledge and support, the group has connected her with valuable resources that have enabled her to make a positive impact in her community. She acknowledges that without the group’s assistance, Alãmea’s situation would not have been as successful as it turned out to be.

“I joined Catopia Hawaii to help with the cat overpopulation problem in Hawaii,” she said. “Thanks to their guidance, I learned how to take care of this adorable little pumpkin head.”

Alãmea has found her forever home and is thriving. She’s growing stronger and healthier with each passing day. Shaynne shared her love for Alãmea, saying, “She’s an angel, and we have a special bond.”

With Alãmea’s newfound mobility, she eagerly rushes towards her rescuer to cuddle and engage in playtime. According to Shaynne, Alãmea loves being in people’s laps and never stops purring. Shaynne feels delighted that Alãmea came into her life, and Alãmea is aware that she will always be surrounded by love and security under her new mother’s care.

Shaynne has a noble goal of rescuing and fostering kittens in Hawaii, and you can join her mission by donating an item from her Amazon Wishlist. Since some of the supplies are scarce in Hawaii, Shaynne generously shares donations with other local rescuers and volunteers. By doing so, she hopes to inspire more people to become fosters and volunteers and save vulnerable kittens from suffering. Let’s support Shaynne in her efforts to make a positive impact on Hawaii, one kitten at a time!

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