From a Cute Puppy to a Giant Companion: Lionel Messi’s Furry Friend Outgrows Him


As time went by, the once cute and tiny puppy has now grown into a massive dog that is bigger than Messi. Nevertheless, despite its size, Messi still finds his dog to be as charming as ever, and it has become an integral part of his family.


Messi’s furry companion, Hulk, is a Dogue de Bordeaux breed known for its enormous stature and intimidating looks. The gentle giant weighs more than 150 pounds and stands over two feet tall at the shoulder. Despite his formidable size, Hulk has a friendly and loyal nature towards his family.



On Messi’s social media pages, there is a widely viewed clip of Hulk playing fetch with the soccer star in their backyard. Even though Hulk is much larger than Messi, he energetically jumps around and fetches the ball with enthusiasm before returning it to his beloved owner.

It’s evident that Hulk holds a special place in the Messi household, serving as a valuable member of the family. Interestingly, he has also played a crucial role in helping Messi’s youngest child, Ciro, conquer his phobia of dogs. During an interview, Messi shared that his son was initially intimidated by Hulk’s size, but eventually developed an affectionate bond with the kind-hearted pooch and enjoys playing with him.



Messi‚Äôs beloved furry companion has transformed from a cute and cuddly puppy to an impressive canine, but his massive size has not diminished his charming appeal or friendly nature. Hulk has become an integral part of the Messi household, spreading happiness and companionship to everyone in the family. It’s touching to witness Messi’s passion for animals extend beyond his personal life to the world at large, where he champions the safeguarding and conservation of all creatures.

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