“From Prison to Purr-fect Companionship: A Cat’s Journey of Resilience and Friendship with Dogs and Cats”

Meet Reggie, a small cat who was saved from being put down. At only three weeks old, he had already experienced the sadness of being taken away from his mother. But things turned around for him when a caring dog and cat took him in as one of their own. Now, this charming black-and-white kitty has discovered comfort and love in his new home.


Kelly, or @suzie_and_kushi on social media, recently shared an emotional story about rescuing a kitten named Reggie. Reggie was on the verge of being put down at a kill shelter in New York City, but thanks to North Shore Animal League and Kelly’s willingness to foster him, Reggie’s life changed for the better. Under Kelly’s loving care, Reggie blossomed into a sweet and affectionate kitten. However, as an only child, Reggie yearned for a motherly figure. Fortunately, two resident cats in Kelly’s home welcomed Reggie with open paws and provided him with the companionship he craved. Over time, Reggie became a cherished member of their family, bringing joy to everyone involved. This inspiring story serves as a reminder that small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life.


Suzie is a lovable pup who adores itty-bitty kittens. She gets thrilled whenever her human brings in a new foster kitten and cuddles them without hesitation. The newest kitten in the house, Reggie, was greeted with open arms by Suzie, who instantly took to him. Reggie also responded warmly to her affection and snuggled up to her right away, enjoying her motherly care.


Reggie is beaming with pride as he displays his cherished companion. He is overjoyed that he now has a spacious bed to snuggle with Suzie and catch up on some much-needed sleep. 😊


Reggie has a new friend in addition to Suzie. Kushi is a one-eyed cat who, like Reggie, loves kittens and assists Kelly in caring for them. By cuddling with Reggie, Kushi provides him with a sense of comfort and safety, letting him know that everything is going to be okay.


Reggie, the adorable kitty, has found a cozy and comfortable place to nap in his owner’s warm hoodie. This mischievous cat seems to have claimed all things soft and snuggly as his personal property.


Within a short span of time, Reggie’s fortune changed for the better. He went from being on the brink of death to receiving affection and nurturing from his foster siblings. Amongst them, Suzie was especially attentive and looked out for her feline companion, making certain that he was not in any danger.


Reggie is experiencing an overwhelming amount of love and care!


Do you ever ponder why someone would send an adorable kitten to its demise? Don’t worry, because we can help raise awareness and rescue this furry companion. Meet Paul Robertson and his cherished feline, Percy. This dynamic duo shares an unbreakable bond that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Paul is a truck driver who spends most of his time on the road, and while he enjoys being on the go, it can become quite lonely during those extended trips. To combat his solitude, Paul adopted Howie a few years prior, who kept him company during his travels. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving a massive void in Paul’s life.

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