“From Shelter to Home: Heartwarming Tale of a Dog’s 2,381-Day Journey to Finding a Forever Family”

Introducing Higgins, a senior German shepherd who has spent most of his life confined to a kennel at the Humane Society of Preble County. Despite being overlooked for adoption, Higgins refuses to give up hope in finding his forever home. Fortunately, the shelter staff hasn’t given up on him either.

Meet Higgins, an older German shepherd who has spent most of his life in a shelter. He was originally adopted as a young pup, but unfortunately, his first home didn’t treat him well, causing him to return to the shelter. Despite spending years behind kennel bars, Higgins has never given up hope of finding a permanent home. The Humane Society of Preble County has refused to give up on him either, and they are still searching for that special family who will give Higgins the love and attention he deserves.

When Higgins was just a little pup, someone brought him to the shelter where he was quickly adopted. Unfortunately, his first family didn’t treat him well and he ended up back at the shelter in 2012. According to Renner, who works at the shelter, “We heard he was nothing more than a dog chained up to a dog house.” It wasn’t until a year later that Higgins was brought back to the shelter as a stray by a kindhearted person.

Higgins had a constant wish of finding someone who could take him home and provide him with the love and care he deserved. However, despite waiting for a long time, nobody showed interest in him. This led people to believe that Higgins might have some issue due to his worrying facial expression, making him seem intimidating to visitors who passed by his kennel.

Higgins, the adorable doggo, was lucky enough to find his permanent home after spending almost 6 and a half years in the shelter. Brendon Reed, a 22-year-old young man, came across Higgins’ story online and couldn’t resist his cuteness. Instantly, he knew that Higgins was the one for him. Reed fell in love with Higgins’ beautiful looks and charming personality, wondering how such a wonderful dog didn’t get adopted earlier.

Renner was taken aback when Reed entered the shelter and exclaimed, “I’m here to bring Higgins home!” It was a long-awaited moment for Higgins, who had been yearning for a loving parent for six and a half years. Finally, he found solace in the arms of a caring father who provides him with a secure and comfortable life. Higgins can now savour the luxury of lounging on a plush sofa, enjoying his favourite television shows, frolicking in his backyard, and relishing the sensation of rolling in the grass.

It brings us immense pleasure to announce that Higgins is going to be a fantastic new companion for Reed. We would love for you to join us in celebrating this joyful addition to our lives. To keep up with Higgins’ adventures, feel free to follow him on Snapchat under the username @higginsdoggo.


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