Going the Extra Mile for Pet Love: One Man’s Dedication to Keeping His Dog’s Coat Flawless

This man is willing to spend a significant amount of money every day just to keep his dog’s stylish hairdo in top shape.

Meet Kevin Chan, who is the doting parent of a stylishly attractive Afghan Hound named AJ Nirvana Battle. AJ has become an internet sensation for his fashionable looks and has garnered fans from all over the world. Kevin’s love for his pet is evident as he spends around 6-8 hours every week grooming him to maintain his enviable coat. Kevin has spent over 100,000 Chinese Yuan (which equals $15,000+ US dollars) to ensure that his furry companion is always looking his best.

Chan was struck by Battle’s charm from the moment they met. Despite being a furry little pup, Battle had an undeniable allure that captured Chan’s heart. As a result, Chan is devoted to giving his furry friend all the love and care he deserves, considering Battle to be a cherished member of his own family. To Chan, Battle is more than just a pet – he’s a beloved companion that brings joy and happiness into his life every single day.

Chan takes it upon himself to ensure that Battle is always clean and well-groomed. He dedicates time every 7 to 10 days for a thorough bath, and takes care of all the grooming tasks personally. To achieve this, Chan has invested over 100,000 CYN in equipment alone. Additionally, he spends around 4,000-5,000 CYN monthly on premium quality products to maintain Battle’s hygiene.

A 29-year-old marketing director from Beijing is the proud owner of a pet. He loves his furry friend so much that he went above and beyond to capture every special moment. He even bought a camera and attended photography classes to ensure he could take the best possible photos of his beloved pet.

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