Grateful Jawless Kitten Finds Love and Care after Being Abandoned on Doorstep

It was a fateful day when a good Samaritan in SriLanka found a severely injured kitten in desperate need of help.

No one thought he’d survive, but this brave kitten was determined to beat the odds.

All he needed was someone to believe in him.

Keep reading to learn how this little champion was given a second chance by a kind hero!

A Tragic Start

When Toothless was only 8 weeks old, he was tragically attacked by a dog and dumped by a woman’s home along with his sister.

The woman, Madhushani, was heartbroken when she saw the aftermath.

Toothless was in horrible condition, barely alive and unable to move.

“He couldn’t even raise his head,” Madhushani recalled.

Toothless’s time was running out and Madhushani had to act fast.

Madhushani immediately scooped up Toothless and his sister and took him inside their home to assess the damage.

“Then we saw his mouth and tongue. It was a disaster– so hard to look at,” said Madhushani.

Toothless’s lower jaw was broken and his tongue was severely injured.

Madhushani rushed Toothless to the vet where he received emergency surgery.

“Even our vet was surprised and couldn’t believe he survived the attack,” said Madhushani.

Because of Toothless’s size and age, his chances of survival were slim.

However, Madhushani and her family were determined to see him thrive!

The Road to Recovery

After his surgery, the family diligently provided follow-up care during his recovery.

“We’ve never had to face such a difficult challenge, but we did it!” said Madhushani.

Madhushani’s hard work paid off– Toothless not only survived, but he recovered from his injuries!

Sadly, Toothless lost his jaw, but he no longer had open wounds that could be infected.

Once the worst was over, Madhushani could focus on accommodating to Toothless’s long-term needs.

“Now I feed him by hand,” she said. “We use special bottles to feed him liquids.”

At 8 months old, Toothless can finally rest easy knowing he’s in good hands.

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts

Toothless knows Madhushani saved his life and expresses his appreciation with gentle purrs.

“He loves to cuddle and purrs as soon as he sees us,” said Madhushani.

Toothless certainly isn’t shy when it comes to asking for what he wants.

“He can’t properly meow, but he tries his best!” said Madhushani.

Despite his difficulty meowing, Toothless is quite vocal.

“He’s gentle, patient, and calm. He never lets his injuries bring him down,” said Madhushani. “He’s incredibly adaptive and lives a happy, healthy life.”

Madhushani adopted both Toothless and his sister.

This adorable pair can often be found cuddling or curling up together for a nice, long nap in cozy sweaters!

Toothless the Triumphant

“Both Toothless and his sister have taught me so much. They changed my life for the better,” said Madhushani.

Though many doubted he’d survive or ever live a fulfilling life, Toothless proved them wrong and beat the odds.

His journey is a testament to the strength and perseverance of special needs animals.

Thanks to Madhushani, Toothless was given the unconditional love and affection he’s always deserved!

If you’d like to help provide food, supplies, or medical care for Toothless’s long-term care, click here to make a donation.

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