Heartbreaking Letter Left by 12-Year-Old Boy with His Abandoned Puppy at Shelter

On the 13th of February, the personnel at Xollin Animal Shelter situated in Michoacan, Mexico, found an injured Pit Bull puppy in a cardboard box outside their establishment. Beside the pup, there was also a stuffed toy and a note from a sorrowful boy.

Hi, I’m Andrés, a 12-year-old boy. Me and my mom have entrusted our dog’s safety in your hands as we fear my dad might sell him. My dad is cruel to the poor pup and has even kicked him so hard that he hurt his tail. We hope you can help us take care of him. As a small reminder of our furry friend, we’ve left behind a stuffed animal for him to play with and not forget us. Thank you for your support and kindness.

The Facebook page of the shelter staff contained an account about Andrés’ heartbreaking experience. The post garnered numerous comments and good wishes for the child, including a touching message that acknowledged his bravery for prioritizing the safety of the puppy. The sender also expressed her desire to comfort the boy and prayed for his father to change, while acknowledging that the father may have been struggling with overwhelming circumstances but this doesn’t justify his inhumane actions towards his own family.

In no time, the shelter received inquiries from over 300 families across the country expressing their interest in adopting the adorable puppy who was affectionately named Rene. Although the response was overwhelming, the staff reminded everyone that there were still around 120 other dogs in the shelter, all of whom had their own unique stories, waiting for loving homes. The shelter’s Facebook post urged people to open up their hearts and homes to these deserving animals, just like Rene’s adopters did.

After being taken in by the Xollin animal shelter, Rene received medical treatment for his injured tail and was dewormed. Fortunately, the veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health. The heartwarming story of Andrés and Rene has also motivated animal enthusiasts in the area to lend a helping hand to the shelter. Some individuals have expressed their desire to join and assist in protecting other animals that may undergo abuse or neglect in the local community. The staff at Xollin is committed to finding the perfect home for Rene.

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