Heartbroken Bonded Brothers Separated After Woman’s Boyfriend Forces Her to Surrender Them

Introducing Mikey and Bobby, two inseparable feline siblings based in Durham, NC who are eagerly searching for a loving and permanent family after going through a traumatic experience that left them feeling unwanted and uneasy. These precious brothers were initially rescued by Independent Animal Rescue after being orphaned as kittens, and were later adopted by a woman who took care of them for two years along with two other cats. However, things took a drastic turn towards the end of 2022 when their owner made a regrettable choice that resulted in Mikey and Bobby losing their home.

Bobby is on the left and Mikey is on the right in this picture. Their story is a sad one, just like in the book series “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It all started when their previous owner moved in with her partner who only allowed her to keep two out of her four cats. The woman chose her partner over her beloved pets and surrendered Bobby and Mikey to a foster home. Josh Wharton, their current caregiver, shared that he doesn’t have all the facts but it’s clear that Bobby and Mikey’s previous owner failed them. It’s important to remember that pets are part of your family, and taking care of them is a commitment you make when you adopt them.

The lady contacted Joan from Independent Animal Rescue, the organization that had rescued Bobby and Mikey before, and made arrangements for their future. Joan was nervous and concerned because it all happened suddenly, and there were no temporary homes for them. As a result, she had to keep them in the kennels at the Petco adoption center for the time being. Joan wished that Bobby and Mikey would receive some attention from potential adopters while they waited.

The two inseparable brothers felt uneasy and bewildered when they bid farewell to their abode of two years and stepped into the cramped Petco shelters that were brimming with unfamiliar odors and noises. Even though the sudden transition had left them feeling traumatized, their solace lay in the fact that they had each other’s company.

As days went by, despite garnering attention from various people, nobody showed interest in giving Bobby and Mikey a forever home. Joan and the previous owner reached an agreement that if the duo didn’t get adopted while at Petco, the previous owner would take them back and foster them until they found a loving family. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn’t fulfill her promise.

Joan was let down by the fact that someone didn’t follow through with their promise to take care of two cats that were left behind. However, her main concern was to find a comfortable home for Bobby and Mikey. Finding foster homes was still a challenge for the shelter, so Joan asked her friend to foster the cats for a while.

Regrettably, Joan’s companion faced health issues that resulted in her hospitalization right after adopting Bobby and Mikey. As a result, the brothers found themselves without a foster home once again and returned to Petco, where they snuggled up together and looked at shoppers with optimistic expressions.

Bobby and Mikey were in for a delightful surprise when they caught a lucky break. A new foster parent by the name of Josh Wharton stepped in to take care of the brothers under the Independent Animal Rescue program. Within days of their arrival, they were whisked away from their Petco shelter to their new temporary home. Josh shared that it didn’t take long for Bobby and Mikey to feel comfortable around him. In fact, the pair was already grooming themselves while sitting on his lap just a few hours after their arrival.

As soon as Josh gained their trust, Mikey and Bobby’s distinctive traits began to emerge. Together, they make an amazing pair, with their individual personalities perfectly complementing each other. Mikey is brave and daring, while Bobby is more reserved and careful. In fact, before meeting Josh, Joan would often refer to Mikey as Bobby’s guardian. They are truly the ultimate duo.

On the left side is Mikey, and on the right is Bobby. As Josh watched them, he noticed that Bobby often takes his cues from his more outgoing brother, Mikey. It’s almost like Bobby is observing Mikey to determine whether it’s safe to sit or play in a particular area. Josh further noted that Bobby is just as supportive of Mikey by assisting him in calming down and unwinding.

Josh commented on the unique way in which Bobby and his brother protect each other, creating a great balance between them. Though Bobby is known for his sweet and affectionate nature, he also has a serious and methodical side. According to Josh, Bobby is quite particular about cleanliness and even takes it upon himself to tidy up after his brother.

Bobby is attentive to not let any litter scatter on the floor. Mikey, on the contrary, doesn’t seem bothered by kicking some litter out of the box. According to Josh, Bobby will employ his paws to gather all the scattered litter into a tidy heap next to the litter box entrance, as though he’s sweeping it up.

When they’re not playfully fighting or running around the house, Bobby and Mikey love to catch up on their sleep. They either nap together under the coffee table, surrounded by cozy blankets, or cuddle up with their foster dad in bed. According to Josh, Bobby prefers morning snuggles while Mikey is more of a bedtime snuggler.

When Josh sits down to work on his computer, his furry friends Bobby and Mikey are always there to provide moral support. They either take a nap on his lap or keep a close watch on him. According to Josh, these two are quite silly and playful, and he believes they will bring joy to someone’s life in the future.

In search of their forever home, Bobby and Mikey are hopeful to find a loving family that they can call their own. Sadly, their previous owner chose her partner over them, which left them feeling let down. Now they need a family who will go the extra mile and stand up for them, showering them with unconditional love.

As per the details mentioned in their adoption listing, these furry companions are great with young kids, dogs, and other feline friends. However, the crucial aspect to note is that they must be adopted together. These two adorable creatures have been together since their bottle-fed days and depend on each other for emotional support and comfort. Josh, their current foster parent, has pledged to take care of them until they find a suitable home. He further added that it would break his heart if they were separated.

Josh mentioned that the perfect candidate to adopt Bobby and Mikey would be someone who appreciates spending time with their feline friends but doesn’t require constant attention from them. Josh added that Bobby and Mikey are amiable cats who can keep themselves entertained as well. Do you think you’re the right person to give this lovely pair a forever home? You can visit Independent Animal Rescue’s website to view Mikey’s and Bobby’s listings. Kindly share this information with others to help Bobby and Mikey find their loving family.

Meet Josh Wharton, a feline foster parent at Independent Animal Rescue. Unlike most fosters, Josh doesn’t have any pets of his own, but that doesn’t stop him from providing a home for cats in need. “I’d love to have a furry companion of my own, but I feel like fostering is my way of helping as many animals as possible,” shared Josh. Moreover, Josh is also responsible for taking care of the food and supplies needed by the cats he fosters due to the rescue’s limited budget.

If you want to contribute to Mikey and Bobby’s well-being as they wait for their forever home, check out Josh’s Amazon wishlist to donate food, litter, or other supplies. Independent Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization based in North Carolina that relies on volunteers to make a difference in the lives of unwanted animals. Their mission includes adoption, spay/neuter, TNR, and community education programs. To support their rescue efforts, you can make a donation or find more information by clicking here. Don’t forget to follow them on social media to keep up with their inspiring work!

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