Heartwarming Canine Pursues Rescue Team, Seeking Assistance and Touching Countless Hearts

Lately, there has been a buzz on social media due to a set of pictures that depict a dog playfully running after a troop of soldiers during their patrol. The dog appears to be requesting to participate in their mission. The photographs have become increasingly popular across various countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, and people are eager to know the backstory behind this heartwarming incident.

Lately, there’s been quite a buzz on social media platforms regarding a group of soldiers being chased by a dog who seemed eager to “join” them. This heartwarming scene has captured the attention of netizens in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and beyond who are keen to know more about the story behind it. Many have speculated that the dog must have been a stray who stumbled upon the passing army and decided to follow them on their mission.

Several online users circulated a story of a stray dog being chased by soldiers on patrol duty. However, the origin of this tale was debunked by a report from Los Tiempos website, which revealed that the incident was captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero during the quarantine period in Tupiza, Bolivia. The images depicted the army carrying out their task of enforcing safety regulations to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Reportedly, photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a fascinating series of images on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the lockdown period to combat the epidemic. According to Los Tiempos, the photos depict an army vehicle conducting patrols to enforce compliance with regulations.

As reported by Los Tiempos, a photographer named Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a heartwarming moment on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period. The pictures feature a military vehicle patrolling to ensure that people follow the quarantine rules, with a fawn dog sitting inside. However, the dog is not a stray but a beloved pet named Gorda who lives with soldiers in the barracks. Colonel Luis Pachecho explained that each regiment adopts dogs and they undergo training and live with the soldiers just like any other army personnel. When the soldiers were out patrolling during the Covid-19 pandemic, Gorda ran after them and the soldiers decided to take him along for the ride. The photographer happened to capture this adorable moment on camera.

The fawn-colored dog, known as Gorda, is not a stray wandering the streets but a beloved pet in the barracks. Colonel Luis Pachecho, Director of the Department Army logistics IV, explained that each regiment adopts dogs who live and train alongside the soldiers. Gorda is the mascot of a particular division and has become an integral part of their team. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Gorda was seen running after his soldier “brothers” as they patrolled the area. The soldiers picked him up and took him with them, capturing the heartwarming moment on film. Another dog, Multicam, also wanted to join in on the adventure when he saw Gorda climbing into the car. Multicam is the mascot of another division and adds to the sense of camaraderie and unity among the military dogs.

The forum community has been having a blast editing photos of two adorable dogs. Regardless of whether they are aware of the background story, people agree that the pups bring them happiness amidst the difficult times brought about by the ongoing pandemic.

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