Heartwarming Encounter: Grateful Dog Plants a Kiss on Heroic Firefighter Who Rescued Him from a Rooftop

Jeff Nawfel, the captain of Wells Fire Department, had the task of comforting a husky and building a bond of trust with him. The goal was to safely bring the dog back inside the house. Dogs have been faithful companions throughout history and have been known to assist humans in various ways, including reducing household and yard work. Nevertheless, there are times when dogs require human aid to overcome obstacles. This husky in Maine is one such example.

As per a video shared on the Facebook page of Wells Police Department, a dog was found chained to the roof of his house and was unresponsive to his owners’ pleas for help. Despite being a seemingly small issue, it took the help of the municipal Fire Department to rescue the poor animal without causing any harm. The firefighter climbed to the top of the roof to gain the dog’s trust and calm him down, before carrying him back through the window to safety. As a token of gratitude, the dog even kissed the firefighter on the cheek before heading inside.

Kudos to Captain Jeff Nawfel from the Wells Fire Department for his heroic act of rescuing a precious little puppy stuck on a rooftop. The police shared a statement about the incident, which was also captured in Officer Steve McDonald’s video. The officer expressed his gratitude towards all the individuals who aided in the rescue. This life-saving feat was accomplished back in 2018.

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