Heartwarming Story of Two Senior Birman Cats Abandoned at a Shelter with a Touching Note

Unconditional love refers to the selfless act of offering a piece of ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and spirit for the sake of others. Recently, an elderly woman residing in Maryland made an extraordinary sacrifice by relinquishing her Birman cats, who had been with her for 16 years, to give them a better life. The woman left behind a touching note, and luckily, a local shelter took in the felines and welcomed them with open arms. In no time, the furry pair received numerous offers for adoption, but ultimately found a loving forever home. Surprisingly, other senior cats also found new homes, showing that every cat deserves to be rescued and showered with love.

Missy and Zipper, two Birman cats who were inseparable since they were kittens, were once loved and cared for by a woman who cherished them for 16 long years. The cats brought joy to her life and provided her with furry companionship in a lonely house. However, as the woman grew older and became unwell, she had to make a difficult decision. She had to move to a nursing home, but she couldn’t bear to leave her beloved cats behind. Unfortunately, she was unable to take them with her, and her family refused to adopt them on her behalf. This left Missy and Zipper with no other option but to be sent to the Anne Arundel County Animal Care Control (AACAC) in Virginia, which broke the woman’s heart. Missy was always shy, while her sibling Zipper was more outgoing and friendly.

The woman not only sent her children to the shelter, but also left a heartbreaking note for the staff about her cats’ food preferences. The note requested that the cats be kept together and not exposed to water or outside environments as they had never been outdoors. The cats enjoyed looking out windows, but Missy was afraid of loud noises. They could not eat dry food and preferred Fancy Feast with gravy, shrimp and fish for Zipper, and Friskies shredded beef with ocean whitefish and tuna for Missy. Cheese balls were a preferred snack for Zipper, while Missy enjoyed Fancy Feast gravy lovers, turkey with gravy lovers, chicken and beef feast, and chopped beef. Lastly, both cats were allowed to eat Cool Whip off the staff’s fingers at night, with Zipper getting five fingerfuls and Missy receiving four if they wanted.

The note was so endearing and heartfelt, conveying the immense love the author had for her beloved Birmans. Missy and Zipper were undoubtedly adored by their owner, who always made sure they received special treats after their meals. It was clear that the felines meant the world to the author. The shelter staff were deeply moved by the note, and decided to keep the two cats together in a spacious kennel. Despite their age, Missy and Zipper had captured the hearts of everyone at the shelter. Recognizing that these two feline companions deserved a better life than spending their days in a shelter, the non-profit organization AACAC shared their touching story on Facebook, accompanied by the poignant note.

In a recent post, AACAC has expressed their concerns over finding a suitable home for two 16-year-old cats that must stay together. Although available for free from the shelter, the age of the cats and the requirement for them to stay together makes it a challenging task. The shelter is currently seeking help from their rescue partners and organizations that specialize in Birmans. However, the chances of finding a perfect home for these senior cats are slim. The shelter believes that an adopter with a big heart, a calm environment, a sunny windowsill, and perhaps even a little comfort food could be their best bet for a happy forever.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the post gained a lot of attention and numerous adoption offers poured in. Within 24 hours, a woman from Oregon came across the viral post and immediately reached out to AACAC for more details. Although she lived 2,600 miles away, she wanted to adopt Missy and Zipper for her parents, who lived just 5 miles from the shelter. AACAC agreed to her request as they didn’t want to subject the cats to the stress of long-distance travel. The woman explained that her parents had recently lost their beloved cat, and she hoped that Missy and Zipper would bring joy back into their lives.

It was a joyous occasion for everyone when the elderly couple arrived to meet Missy and Zipper. The staff was overjoyed to have found a loving home for these senior cats. The woman’s parents were smitten with Missy and Zipper from the moment they saw them. Missy, who is naturally shy, took a little while to warm up to her new parents. On the other hand, Zipper was already showering them with kisses and affection without any hesitation. Overall, it was a happy ending as the cats finally found their forever home.

The situation was becoming more heartening as a result. Numerous individuals visited AACAC to adopt senior cats after the viral tale circulated. Two 14-year-old brothers, Ralphie and Alphie, as well as another set of 14-year-olds, Kitty and Junior, and a 6-year-old FIV-positive cat named Bisty Bee also experienced this wonder. We anticipate that we will continue to witness more heartwarming stories of elderly cats paired with compassionate people in the future.

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