Heartwarming Tale of a Sociable Pup Who Bids Farewell to Store Visitors with a Wave

In Catanduva, Sao Paulo, a little dog provided shoppers with an unexpected and heartwarming experience as they left a store. The cute pup acted as if she was a professional greeter, waving goodbye to each person who walked out of the building. Instead of saying hello, she lifted her paw and waved farewell to everyone passing by. People couldn’t help but stop and pet her as she patiently waited for her owner inside the store. A video of the furry friend’s antics has gone viral, spreading joy and happiness worldwide.


According to reshareworthy, the dog was caught on camera by Leticia Americo, a videographer, waving goodbye to people as they left the supermarket.


According to a comment left on the YouTube video, Agusta the dog was once a stray and in very poor condition before being rescued. She was extremely scared and unable to walk, so she received medical care at an animal hospital. Fortunately, a rescue group was able to find her a new home where she could be adopted. Jefferson Alexandre Rodrigues saw Agusta on social media in 2019 and decided to welcome her into his family, which already included eight cats and some other dogs. Today, Agusta can usually be found hanging out with Rodrigues at his motorcycle shop.


According to G1 News, Rodrigues shared that the woman who came to his workshop initially lacked confidence when interacting with others. As time passed, however, she grew more self-assured and eventually transformed into the skilled worker featured in their videos. Since 2019, she has been the primary employee at the workshop.


Agusta and Rodrigues are frequent visitors to this grocery store, and they have become quite popular among the locals. Agusta, being a smart dog, has figured out that greeting people with her paw often leads to either getting attention or delicious treats!

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