Heartwrenching: the agonizing cries of an adored kitty caught in a tangle of thorns

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, an astonishing and distressing discovery was made by a pet owner when they stumbled upon their beloved canine companion, Thor. The poor dog was found with an alarming number of quills lodged into various parts of his body. Painted in a vibrant shade of yellow, these quills created a striking contrast against Thor’s beautiful golden brown fur. They clung tightly to his muzzle, forehead, nose, ears, and even his delicate legs, creating a rather peculiar and concerning sight.

Adriano Bertoline, a gentleman who was without a job at the time, initiated an online initiative to seek help for his inability to cover the costs of a veterinary bill.
Coming to his rescue, a well-regarded community leader named Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari took charge by driving Thor to a veterinary clinic and going the extra mile to aid in covering the financial burden.

Thor, a playful three-year-old pup, seems to have once again engaged in a rather prickly encounter with a porcupine, leaving him with distressing injuries for the second time in just one year. In light of this unfortunate incident, Bertoline took to the internet to spread the word and seek assistance in nursing poor Thor back to health after discovering him with a multitude of porcupine quills embedded in his fragile body.

‘Hey there, everyone!’ he shared on Twitter. As I reluctantly opened my eyes this morning, I was startled to find my beloved pup in this sorry state… Is there a veterinary clinic or kind-hearted veterinarian who can lend a hand? ‘Unfortunately, financial constraints are holding me back.’ A compassionate council member, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, stumbled upon the desperate plea and decided to extend a helping hand.

On Facebook, Adriano expressed immense gratitude for the benevolent presence of Dr. Apolari in his beloved dog’s life. Being in a tight financial situation, Adriano had been unable to seek the services of a private veterinarian. However, thanks to the remarkable support from the caring doctor, he was able to ensure his dog, Thor, received the necessary medical attention. Not only did Dr. Apolari take Thor to the clinic, but he also generously assisted with the incurred expenses. Adriano, who is currently unemployed and responsible for four children, could never thank the councillor enough for the invaluable assistance rendered to him and his furry companion. With Thor safely back home, Adriano’s heart brimmed with gratitude for the guardian angel that had graced their lives.

As per Thor’s owner, this is the second time that their dog has come across a porcupine within a span of one year. In February 2021, Adriano’s acquaintance, who was employed at a private veterinary clinic back then, provided aid to the injured canine.

It was unclear about the porcupine’s state following the dog’s attack at that moment.

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